Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, THIS Is New And *Exciting*...

Have to keep this post short today...if it weren't for the extra large print I am using to type this (that, and SpellCheck), I doubt I could post anything at all today.

I woke up this morning with a 100 degree fever, generalized malaise (crappy feeling), and a blurring/grainy type vision in my left eye. This picture below is the best I could make for you to describe what my vision looks like right now...AND, I had to use only my right eye to SEE the original photo to alter it!

And THIS is what that photo is supposed to look like...

I immediately started dosing Advil to get the fever under control (although I still have it, so it's not being *controlled* well), called in for work (because I'd be a bit dangerous behind the wheel of a car right now!), and emailed Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named. Of course, her first response was wondering if I needed STEROIDS!

We have finally settled on a "wait and see" (yes, the pun IS intended) approach since I am scheduled to get my third Novantrone on Friday the 13th and I also want to believe this is fever and outside heat-related (it's been 75-80 degrees today, which is warm for Seattle...sorry Miss Chris!). If it's not, it won't go away even AFTER I get rid of this nasty, little fever OR it cools off outside...and if it IS, then I've just spared myself another debilitating round of Solumedrol IV!!

We'll see...literally...LOL...


Miss Chris said...

Feel better soon, okay? Pamper yourself so you get well quickly.

Zee said...

Good heavens! Sounds dreadful. I'll be sending "get better" vibes your way. (Though I still think you need an air conditioner. :)

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Get an AC.

Its not worth getting blurry vision to save the money.

I've got an absolute killer AC unit in my office (but I do have four computers and lots of other heat generating equipment there.)

I couldn't set foot in there in the summer without the AC, and I have to in order to get my work (and shows :-) done.

Peej said...

Hope you feel better soon!

You might seriously look into buying an air conditioner now. I KNOW you don't like to "waste" money on yourself but it's better than being threatened with steroids every time it gets too hot outside!

Choices need to be made. :)


Merelyme said...

oh i am so sorry you are feeling poorly. i heard somewhere that air conditioning can be written off your taxes if your doctor orders you to have it. i could not exist without AC, MS or not.

harkoo said...

Anything involving the eyes is scary--please oh please get an air conditioner NOW if the lack of one could be the reason for your blurry vision. Am i going to have to fly out there, grab you by the arm and march you to the hardware store? Lord, YOU ARE STUBBORN!!!!! I hope the blurriness has already cleared up for you though and your next post we will find you better.

Philip. said...

Get well soon :-)



Perhaps a day at the spa where you had your photo shoot would help? LOL




Not really dreadful...just annoying. Nothing worse than seeing out of a bum eye. Well, actually I could think of a LOT of things worse than that!




And don't you also live on the dreadful East Coast where temperatures can be hotter than a frying pan??? Yes, I can imagine with three computers generating heat, you'd definitely NEED airconditioning!




You crack me up! You KNOW there's no choice about this...just stubborness...mine, anyway.




And I could also have massage once a week, too, if I'd just get Dr. SWWNBN to write a script! Let's face it...I'm just too stubborn for that. Much to my detriment...LOL




Finally the voice of reason! Oh, wait...everyone else referred to me as stubborn also...LOL




Why, thank you very much.