Monday, July 02, 2007

Our Survey Said?...

Who ELSE but CHEESE readers can I turn to in search of answers to my deepest questions? And I'm about to pose another question to you requiring YOUR opinion..OK...maybe it's not a "deep" question, but at least I TRUST all y'alls responses! LOL And, of course there is a *story* behind my question as always...

Soooo...Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named rather casually asked me to "pretty up" the MS150 Team webpage earlier this week. How hard could THAT be, right? Oooooh, contrare...QUITE difficult! You see, I am working with the creative mind of a neuroscientist here...HERS, not mine.

Some of you have connected to the Saint EB BIKACIDE webpage to the left of this blog and some of you even made a donation (against MY better judgment and scolding). But what you may not have explored from Saint EB's page is the SMYELIN BABES team's the main hub for all of the riders and connects the outside world to the entire team of about 16 riders...and this, dear ones, is where the REAL story begins!

Dr. SWWNBN forwards me an email, which has the team jersey design attached to it in a PROTECTED/SECURED file...she nonchalantly says, "Maybe you could use the jersey design somehow on the team webpage?" She may be a neurologist with like a 100 years of education under her belt, but it is painfully obvious she knows very little about the Internet and webpage I told her I would "try", but it was doubtful I could use the email attachment because it was password protected.

Needless to say (and because I have a seriously criminal mind), I WAS able to pirate a print of the design from the attachment, then scan it back into my computer. And, needless to say, being the perfectionist I am, I simply didn't like the resolution of the scan! I worked and worked with it and finally decided to just scrap the idea and try to create something I thought might represent the team in another graphic design.

Let me first add this disclaimer: I AM NO GRAPHIC ARTIST. But I DO like to mess around in PrintShop and PhotoShop alot (as you can tell by my sometimes weirdo pictures I post within this blog! LOL). So, I looked at the jersey design, noted the "fireman's cross" on it and all the flames (there is a group of firemen riding on the team also), and came up with this:
Dr. SWWNBN emailed me back saying, "The flames freaked me out!" Sooooo...back to the drawing board I went. I tried various designs and patterns, but nothing "sold" me...I began to lose hope in my ability to PLEASE Dr. SWWNBN and this was a bit scary! After all, she controls my medications!!!

I decided to consult a dear friend who IS a graphic artist (and just a great artist to boot!) in Houston, pleading with her to rescue me from my dilemma. In typical fashion (and with very little input, too), she cropped the original jersey and came up with this:

Now I ask YOU! Which design do YOU prefer? Did the good doctor simply poo-poo a fabulous idea or was AGAIN? She has yet to see my friend, Sharon's, creation (which I happen to like also). I need some help here from you...I need to be able to tell her, "The MS community has spoken and ________ is what they want!"

Let me know if EITHER design is a winner...otherwise, I may be forced to find a new neurologist!...


Peej said...

No contest... the one that you created is far and above the better design. I'm not just saying that because I happen to like you.. You know how brutally blunt and honest I can be, LOL!!

The other one looks like something you'd find on a kid's tricycle... No class and no flash. (shrug)

Hope you can win the good doctor over. I think she's wrong but I'll bet the firemen on the team LOVE your design!!

Sara said...

To be totally honest, I like your design better, the other one is a bit too childlike, but I would get rid of the gray "smylin babes" is the background - that makes it look out of focus to me, but maybe that's my eyes just not focusing since it's only 9am BST (1am your time)
I'll ask my co-workers when they get here & see if they have any advice - course we're all scientisty-geeks so maybe an artist would be better to ask!

harkoo said...

No contest--I like the design with the REAL flames that you created--makes the horror of MS real to me. I bow to the good doctor for her fine mind and do thank her for trying and for going on the ride! In fact, i would love to know more about her since we have all watched how devoted she has been to your care these past months. Show the people the flames.

harkoo said...

OOps-sorry--early in the morning here and just waking up but i forgot to add i LOVE the logo Extinguishing MS one ride at a time-your design is a lovely way to start the day--

harkoo said...

ooops--haven't had coffee yet--got it wrong again Extinguishing MS one Flame at a time not one ride at a time--love it. I will shut up now. It must be all those lesions in my brain acting up this morning. Mary Tyler Moore never told me i would be evaluating MS T-shirts when i grew up.

Sara said...

my coworkers agree with me:

"the flames make it real & the extingishing MS with firemen idea on the team goes well"

"can you make the words over the flames with a different edge colour so they stand out more, blue instead of red maybe?"

"AWESOME design"

Steve said...

Oh man. I guess I'm in the minority, but I like your friend's design better. Your design would be perfect, if you were riding your bikes to Sturgis, ND. :D

Steve said...

Err... Sturgis, South Dakota, that is. It's too early for me! :D



I plan on forwarding your comments to Dr. SWWNBN!!! You guys crack me UP!

We'll see what she decides upon...after all, it IS her decision because it's HER team. I just belong to that "other" team/club...MS. LOL