Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let The VACATION Happy Dance Begin!...

The long awaited vacation has begun! The kickoff happened last night at midnight when I signed out of the gazillion password protected websites I log on just to DO my job, waved farewell to Rojoo (who had just come on duty to work the dreaded night shift), and quietly "gave the bird" to the building in a final act of defiance. Don't get me wrong...I generally love my job, but it is well overdue time for a VACATION!!!

I stepped out of the building last night into the mouth of a dog...or at least that's the imagery and feeling I have right now in this God forsaken, humid heat that has settled upon Seattle. LOL And I unfortunately awoke this morning stuck to the dog's was already 80 degrees by 11:00AM. And just to pour more salt into the sweating wounds of Seattlites, WE SET A RECORD TEMPERATURE TODAY...98 degrees. And "they" say there's no such thing as global warming...tisk tisk...

My first day of vacation was spent trying to find ways to stay cool. I was fairly successful in the later afternoon. I went by work (but didn't go IN the building) and picked up Saint EB to go spend a few hours in an air conditioned movie theater...we really didn't care WHICH movie we saw...just one with lots of cool air!

We ended up seeing the new Bruce Willis film..."Die Hard and Live Free", or something like that. Poor Brucey is now 52 year's old, moving a bit slower, and having to perform even more unrealistic and dramatic stunts to keep his audiences entertained. It WAS action packed...but so unrealistic we found ourselves laughing out loud at some of the "high drama" scenes that I don't think were meant to be funny. Whatever...

And somebody enlighten me and tell me exactly WHEN did the cost of a movie during prime time reach TEN FRIGGIN' DOLLARS?!? I swear I've gotten out in the past few years to see movies (usually I just wait for the DVDs as I'm just not a crowd person) and don't recall paying that dayumed much for a flick! But what was even more distressing was the cost of two drinks and a bucket full of popcorn...this total was almost as much as the movie!!! Oh well...I guess it's the price one pays for AIR CONDITIONING...LOL

So, I have to get up at Oh Six Crack Of A$$ Dawn in the morning to attend a mandatory staff meeting...I know, I know...I'm SUPPOSED to be on vacation! I think these same things out loud, too. But it's a county wide meeting I am forced to attend or suffer public caning and having my fingernails removed without anesthesia. But I SWEAR it is my last visit to my employment for the next 2 1/2 weeks!

After the meeting, I need to go with a coworker to look for a present for another coworker, run a multitude of errands after that, and try to get my butt out in the evening for a long walk...the fun never ends. LOL Then on Friday the 13th, I will be spending my afternoon hooked up to a bag of blue carpet dye called Novantrone. But least I won't be at work, right?!...


mdmhvonpa said...

Hrmm ... it's supposed to get to the low 80s here in philly this week:
"There's no such thing as global warming."


Miss Chris said...

Bruce Willis is aging, isn't he. I haven't had a chance to check out that flick yet but it's in my list. I had to see Ratatoulli last weekend (kids, you know)and I actually liked it!

Sara said...

I'm starting to think global warming is something the US is making up since the UK is not warm at all - just kidding!!! It might be warm here this weekend with sun even, if so I have to thank you Linda for sending it our way, but don't want to jinks myself just yet, so you'll have to wait till Monday for the praise, how's that for a cliff hanger - LOL

Steve said...

First, the weather has cooled off very nicely today. The 100F weather yesterday was just ridiculous!!!

Second, Die Hard was AWESOME! Very funny, and I don't think that anyone involved in the production of that movie took themselves too seriously, so you were probably laughing at all the right parts.

That said, I think it's funny what pushes one over the edge so that they can no longer suspend disbelief. In the scene where Bruce is chasing the bad guys in their van, and the tractor/trailer he's driving comes under attack by the jet plane, I was with him all the way. When he dodged the heat seeking AGMs with his SEMI, I was okay. When he out drove the collapsing freeway viaduct, I was still right there. When the pilot ejected from his jet at an elevation of about 30 feet, I said to myself... it's okay. It's a special kind of parachute. Even when he jumped from the exploding truck onto the tail of the now pilotless F-35, somehow making it safely to the ground, I was committed. But when, after all that happened... taking oh, i don't know... 10 minutes... he looks up across the field and sees the truck just about 300 feet away I thought, "What the hell. That's just silly."

What's even funnier is that I snorted in disgust and looked over at my wife and she did exactly the same thing as me at the same time.

Glad you're having a good vacation so far. Stay cool. Don't go to work and sorry I wrote you a novel. I haven't been leaving you comments so I guess I'm making up for lost time! :)



You're right...there is no such thing as global warming. The rest of us are just becoming "heat intolerant"...LOL




He may be "older", but he sure knows how to pack the action into his movies...even if they are a bit "cheesy" sometimes.




Sounds like you could USE a bit of our miserable heat wave! It might help burn those cold germs right out of you! LOL

Be well(er)




!!!!!!!!!! Love your commentary...maybe it's age or something, but aren't MOST of these movies getting pretty darned unbelievable? (Except "Happy Feet", of course...LMAO)


Peej said...

Curiosity.... was his "side-kick's" name MAC??? LOL!

I could swear that's the guy on the Mac/PC commercials.