Monday, July 09, 2007

Sometimes, There's Just Not A Lot To Tell...

It's been one of those kind of days...thank goodness! Just not a lot happening in my world today that was new or exciting.

I went to bed last night around 1:00AM, only to awaken abruptly at 2:00AM frantically trying to find a snake I thought was in my bed. Ah...fortunately, I had only been DREAMING there was a snake in my bed, but it startled me and kept me captivated in a search for almost a minute! LOL I eventually woke up enough to realize I was in my bed, snake-free, and my mind was just playing tricks on me (but I WILL shake out the sheets before I crawl in tonight just in case!).

After a somewhat fitful night of rest, I awoke this morning, checked my temperature (which was of the few "normal" things about me these days), crawled out of bed, fed the Princess of Darkness, made myself a BLT, dinked around on the computer for a bit, showered and dressed for work, and spent the next 9 1/2 hours seeing patients AT the title of this post says, sometimes there just isn't a lot to tell!

My vision remains slightly blurred in my left periphery...a most unusual phenomenon to say the least. But not enough to impair me significantly OR keep me home from work another day. I have felt very fatigued the past several days, which also lends credence to my belief "whatever" has been going haywire in my system has been viral. My ear also continues to have "spells" of pain and congestion in it.

I am anxiously counting down the final days before my next Novantrone dose on Friday, which will also kick off the start of my summer "vacation". Of course the obvious first 5-7 days will be spent recovering from the blue juice, but then I hope to have a returned flight into wellness and feel just as feisty as I had been feeling most of May and June. I won't be returning to work until the end of July, so let the party begin!

Sometime during those days, I'll also pass my 43rd birthday (yes, the actual day IS a secret!) please begin now to consider exactly what you and Donald Trump have in mind for a gift for me. I'm never too proud to accept real estate...LOL...


herrad said...

hi there just found you via stephen's blog. just been reading your blog recognize the story about the snake.
take care

ps here's the link to my blog

i put a link to your blog on mine hope that's ok with you?

pb said...

It is 9:30 am here in Elmira, NY. When do you get up in Seattle?

And what is your blue juice for?

BTW, I have exactly the same sort of waking dreams, and I pat down the bed looking for whatever I dreamed. LOL, poor Husband RJ...

Jaime said...

Long time no talk! I know just the feeling....seems the blue juice doesn't quite make the full three months, but once you get is good again! :) I just had mine last week, here's to wishing you the best with yours on Friday.

Take care of yourself.

Steve said...

I'm glad you're working through the virus and feeling better.

Happy 29th birthday, whenever that may occur. Hope you're still young enough to eat too much cake! :)

mdmhvonpa said...

"only to awaken abruptly at 2:00AM frantically trying to find a snake I thought was in my bed"

I tell ya, it's that 'Eve' thing.

Miss Chris said...

I once awoke to the thought that there was a bug in my bed. Unfortunately, there WAS a very large one and it did in fact run across my face. Luckily my mouth was closed. EEk!

Sara said...

how are your eyes today? my cold is a wee bit better, back to work tomorrow :)



Yes, I just recently "refound" Stephen's blog myself...most enjoyable read.

I'll get over to check YOUR blog out soon...and BTW, it's nice to meet you!




Your 9:30AM is my 6:30AM, which I've only rarely seen the likes of THAT time of morning a few times. LOL

The "blue juice" is my lovely really is carpet dye blue! Most unusual visual watching it snake along the IV tubing and find its way into the vein!




Hey there! How have you been??? I've seen some of the temperatures (and wild fires) on your side of the mountains and suppose I shouldn't complain to YOU about the western washington heat!

How is your Novantrone going?




I have celebrated my 29th birthday for the past for the past 14's most delightful to be young and insane. LOL




Whew! I'm glad THAT is the only "snake in the bed" reference you came up with! LMAO




When you live in a part of the country that contains the most poisonous, rabid, creepy crawly creatures on the continent, one MIGHT expect to awaken to the sensation of "something" passing over in the night! Glad it wasn't one of them there hairy legged spiders...




Eyes are OK...bit blurred still to the left, but since I don't NEED to look to the left that often, I say "OK"...LOL

Sorry YOU'VE been under the weather of late...toasting you with a bottle of cough syrup and Kleenex!