Monday, July 16, 2007

Friday The 13th Puzzle...On A Monday...

Finally finished a MS BRAINTEASER to give you from the BRAINCHEESER! I had meant to complete it on 7/13/07...but as you are all aware, it was NOT a lucky day or me. Fortunately, I AM feeling a bit better (not as queasy at least) from my Novantrone on Friday and decided TODAY would be as good a day as any to challenge you with a puzzler all about Multiple Sclerosis...Moohahaha...

Much of the MS research indicates cognitive dysfunction and memory issues are one of many top complaints voiced by those of us with MS. There is also research indicating the more you "challenge" the mind, the better equipped it is to other words, "use it, or lose it!"

So, with the "spirit" (or spite!) of making sure all y'all stay mentally flexible, I've put together a two-part brain teaser for you! can thank me or hurt me later...LOL

The first part is answering 13 questions regarding your knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis...just fill in the blanks. And the second part is a Word Find puzzle to locate your answers. I know...I'm a cruel's what keeps me alive even in the face of potentially fatal medication errors. LOL

So let's play, shall we?!?

1. Currently there is no known _________ for Multiple Sclerosis. Only drugs to help slow the disease progression.

2. MS is thought to be an _____________ disease. It is believed a person's body with MS attacks itself.

3. A classic symptom of MS is ____________, which affects a major nerve of the eye.

4. The __________(abbreviation) is currently the diagnostic test of choice to accurately visualize MS lesions in the brain and spinal cord.

5. It is believed White Blood Cells called T-Cells cross the ________-________ barrier and attack the brain and spinal cord, causing areas of inflammation otherwise known as plaques.

6. These rogue T-Cells attack the fatty sheath surrounding neuronal axons, called __________. This substance normally acts as an "insulation" around the delicate axons.

7. Nearly 80% of all persons diagnosed begin the disease with a form of MS called ________ ____ __________ MS, characterized by periods of symptom onset that eventually go away totally or partially.

8. Rebif, Avonex, and Betaseron are all injectable drugs for MS disease control that fall into the category known as ____________.

9. __________ Acetate, otherwise known as Copaxone, is also an approved injectable drug used to control the progression of Multiple Sclerosis.

10. Natalizumab, or brand name ___________, was recently reintroduced by the FDA as an approved treatment for MS disease control. It is currently the only monthly IV drug available to MSers.

11. Dr. Jean-Martin ____________, a French neurologist, was the first doctor to recognize multiple sclerosis as a distinct, separate disease in 1868. But not until the 1990's, over 120 years later, were any viable medications established for disease control.

12. The most common symptom reported by MSers today and often the most debilitating is ___________. This symptom is reported by nearly 60% of the MS population, although some sources say the symptom is under reported. Currently drugs such as Provigil and Amantadine are considered helpful and on-going research is examining the use of exercise to combat this common symptom.

13. We all know heat can exacerbate primary symptoms of MS. The temporary blurring of vision that can occur when over heated, is known as __________ Sign, named after Dr. Wilhelm _________(same answer). This transient symptom usually goes away once the body returns to normal temperature. So stay cool this summer!!!!!!!

And now...I bring you the WORD FIND portion of today's puzzle!!! Don't worry. Tomorrow I will post the answers to the above puzzle and the grid answers to below. ARE YOU STILL HERE??????? LOL Get busy...


Peej said...

I did fairly well all things considered. Only missed 2 and one of those was a spelling problem rather than a total miss...

so, what else would you like to torture us with while you're on vacation? LOL!

Hope you're feeling better!

mdmhvonpa said...


My brain hurts now.

corrine said...

Nice teaser...especially with the different font on that seventh vertical; my eyes kept getting drawn to that .

Sara said...

I reckon I got 1-7 right but the rest I don't know . . . not bad for a non-MSer, eh, then again having a masters in immunology of infectious diseases might have helped!

BTW, thanks for the sun, the temps haven't gotten much better but having the sun out during the day has made it SOOOOOOO much better, cheers my dear!!

Miss Chris said...

I did fairly well on this little quiz. Only missed one or two. I'm always up for a challenge!



I'm thinking of writing a "Mad Lib" and have all y'all provide the nouns, adjectives, and verbs!!! Whaddaya think of them apples?!?




Yeah, right...O' Mastermind. LOL




You live and breathe!!!!!!!! And it only took working on building a puzzle for 5 hours to post here to smoke you out of the woodwork...who knew?!?

(But glad to see your comment just the same...)




Actually, you probably did better than I did...had I not created the dayumed thing and had the answers!

Glad the sunshine is treating you well...are you over your sickness yet?




Moohahaha! Well, let's see what torturous things I can think up next, shall we?!


Tidesong said...

Oohhh, I like quizzes. I started a new window so I wouldn't see anyone else's answers. Lesse what I can do: 1. Cure. 2. Autoimmune. 3. Optic neuritis. 4. MRI. 5. Blood-brain. 6. Myelin. 7. Relapse-remitting. 8. Interferons. 9. Glatiramer. 10. Tysabri. 11. Charcot? 12. Fatigue/lassitude. 13. Uhthoff.

Fun! I think I do too much reading for my own good. :)



You got 'em! And yes, I did check out your blog and noted the references to "friends" lists...I'll get back there again and see if I can sign up as one. A "friend", that is. LOL