Sunday, July 15, 2007


Just a short note to say I am alive...not so "well", but alive...and considering my near miss of the wrong chemo dose on Friday, I'd say ALIVE is a pretty good place to be today. LOL

I have now spent the past two days leisurely lounging at home and watching movies...and if it weren't for the moderate nausea and overwhelming fatigue from Novantrone, I might think this "vacation" time was the bomb! Unfortunately, the constant upset stomach just puts a damper on enjoying any bon bons or other trash food with my movies...and my tendency to fall asleep in the MIDDLE of the movie right now kind of ruins the continuation of the plot. Rewind has become my friend.

I purposely rented a mixture of drama and comedy DVD's Thursday as I prepared for my "chemo recovery" days. I have now seen, "Borat", "Bobby", "Blood Diamond", and I threw in "The Holiday" just to get myself out of the "B" section of the DVD listings. LOL I have "Babel" left to watch, and then I can say I've seen most of the new release "B's". Most people are referring to an entirely different type of movie when they talk about a "B" flick...I'm pretty literal...I'm talking about the "B" section of the alphabet!

Saint EB came by this evening, enticing me with my favorite salad from the local pizza joint, and a plan to watch "Borat" with me...all I can say is, at least the company and the salad were good...the movie? Well, you'll just have to see it and judge for yourself. But it was completely mindless humor and it did take my focus off my puny self for a bit. Tomorrow is another full schedule of resting...I do have an appointment in the morning to attend but, other than that, my dance card is pretty open.

And not to digress TOTALLY here (like anything I've said thus far has been absorbing prose?), but has anyone else experienced the awful itching sensation MS brings? I've had the uncontrollable desire to scratch my ankles for a few years now...normally I can override the sensation, or worst case scenario, I have to use ice on my ankles to numb them. Sometimes, I wonder if this is what a cocaine addict feels like when they are withdrawing from the drug...bugs crawling on the skin. I bring this up because I'd like to know if anyone ELSE has had this symptom and what YOU do to control it if you have? Mine seems to have worsened horribly over the past the point I am now unconsciously digging my ankles raw! Any suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate some words of advice here...

Alright...I'm off to watch some prime time TV just to "mix it up" a bit...I'm sure there must be some kind of show on right now that will both entertain me and educate me? Maybe "Desperate Housewives" will do the trick...LOL...


Sara said...

Yeah, you're alive :)

Blood Diamonds was really good, while on the other hand Borat . . . yeah no comment either.

Have you seen Pursuit of Happiness yet, I know it's a "P" movie, but it's rather enjoyable as well :)

Can't comment on the ichy ankles issue, but it sounds ruddy annoying!

Zee said...

OMG, yes - I get the itching on my left leg. And only my left leg... It drives me ape-shit crazy! Before I realized it had to anything to do with my MS, I'd scratched the shinbone on my left leg until it bled. Seriously not pretty.

At this point, when I start to itch I just try to remind myself that it's an MS symptom and to stop scratching - seems to help to not start scratching to begin with but occasionally I'll scratch my left leg in my sleep. :(

Anyway, I don't know if I'd call that "controlling" the symptom, but that's what I do. Hadn't thought of icing - does it help?

Peej said...

Glad you're alive. It makes chatting easier :)

The itch... yes!! My back up near the shoulders is the place that makes me crazy. I've taken over the spaghetti spoon/fork... whatever that is,.. since a back scratcher just can't seem to do the job.

I'm told it's neurological and nothing can be done for it. If you find out differently please pass on the information. I'm willing to pay!! LOL!


Peej said...
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Miss Chris said...

I've had what I call my "traveling itch" for a few years. You never know when or where it'll pop up.

Steve said...

Whenever I itch, I just... oh never mind. :)



I have NOT seen Pursuit Of Happiness yet...but after you and Joyce both recommended it yesterday, I have now rented it. It's next up in the sequence!




Yep, icing the "itch" helps...if nothing else, it just numbs the hell outta it!




I'm seriously thinking of having everything below the ANKLES amputated! Now THAT might help...LOL



MISS CHRIS: may need to check yourself for "bugs" in that case! LOL

But seriously...I used to think it was just dry skin...over and over and over and over in the same place...regardless of lotion/moisturizer, etc.




But YOU probably only itch when you're on national TV, about to throw a curve ball, with 2 out and....oh, you're right...never mind! LMAO