Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh, Come ON! Humor Me...

Yep, it's YOUR turn to contribute something meaningful here on BrainCheese. And please...I am not assuming ANYTHING I have contributed thus far has been *meaningful*! LOL

But I'd like to play a little game with my fellow MSers called, "If your Multiple Sclerosis Could See, Touch, Smell, Taste, & Hear". This is how the game goes (and my rules RULE!):

Answer the following questions using descriptive terms to tell about your personal MS. Leave your responses in the comment section of the blog.

1. If you could see your MS as a physical shape, what would it look like?

2. If your MS had a flavor, what would it taste like?

3. If your MS could make a noise, what would it sound like?

4. If your MS were a texture, what would it feel like?

5. If your MS could talk, what would it say?

And yes, I WILL play my own game to give you examples. LOL

1. A tall, prickly cactus with some smooth parts and some nasty needles!

2. A spicy don't notice how spicy it is at first, but the longer you eat it, the more it burns your throat.

3. A car with a damaged muffler.

4. Snot...gooey, slimy snot.

5. "I'll be baaaack", in an Arnold S. impersonating voice. YOU try it!


Peej said...

1) looks like a porcupine
2) cherry flavor (I hate cherries)
3) sounds like a fart
4) feels like shards of broken glass
5) "And your little dog too!"



I LOVE the broken glass texture!!! That's such a great imagine when I think about MS (yours, specifically). #5 truly IS that "man behind the curtain" effect, isn't it? Like someone "else" is controlling our path down the yellow brick road and sending flying monkeys every now and then...

Great responses...


pb said...

1-I see an amorphous shadow. No shape, just darkness, like a cloud.

2-tastes like kissing a grandpa that reeks of cigarettes.

3-sounds like the wah-wah of a saxaphone going down the scale three notes

4-feels like those electrical twinges. I don't have to imagine this at all!

5-Hey, How about a nice nap?

Have myelin? said...

1) a cow turd
2) morning breath
3) a train wreck
4) sandpaper being rubbed on my legs
5) i got you in my hands, my precious!



!!!!Kissing a grandpa that smells of cigarettes!!! Is there more to tell there? Wow...that is great imagery. I almost felt that description in my gut. Thanks for sharing it and can I USE that line in the future?!? LOL




#5...does that include your "little dog, too"??? I immediately thought of the Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch says, "I'll get you, my pretty" after reading your that I think of it...that wicked witch may BE MS!
Thanks for sharing your responses...they're great!


Miss Chris said...

1) Looks like a bolt of lightening
2) Tastes like nothing. Bland.
3) Sounds like a fart
4) Feels like walking on a bed of hot coals.
5) Sounds like Gilbert Gottfried, always yelling at me.



OMG!!! The Afflac Duck voice?!? Now that IS some scary MS you've got going on...

I've never walked on a bed of hot coals before, but I can only imagine it takes almost as much GRIT of the teeth to do that as it does to "walk" across the bed of MS.

Great responses and very telling about MS, too...thanks.