Monday, June 11, 2007

A Reason Not To Work The Day Shift...

I HATE waking up to the sound of an alarm clock bleeping/buzzing/ringing/vibrating...just one of the MANY reasons I can list as why I do not and have not worked the "day shift" full time in my past 21 years of experience! Unfortunately, in my current job, there are many times when reporting to work or to court at 8:00AM is necessary (a necessary EVIL, if you ask me!).

Today was one of those days...I was scheduled to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 9:00AM. Generally speaking, at 9:00AM, I am neither...mostly blurry-eyed and bushy-headed (bedhead). LOL

At any rate, I set my hateful alarm clock last night for Dawn's crack and proceeded to have great difficulty falling asleep...this is NOT unusual. My typical bedtime is anywhere from midnight to 3:00AM, so trying to force myself to sleep by 10:00PM just usually isn't in the cards. I am like a kid being put down for a nap...there's a lot of gnashing of teeth, begging for glasses of water, and generalized mayhem in my bedroom.

Almost always when I have to "force" sleep upon myself and know I have to get up at some ungodly hour when the rest of the world is percolating their coffee, I will wake up numerous times ALL NIGHT LONG and stare at the clock...I am always certain it must be time to get up or I have somehow overslept (and this IS typical for anyone who works evenings...just ask them). And somewhere around about an hour or so before I HAVE to get up (because I've already prematurely awakened), I am lulled back to sleep...a deep and restful sleep...only to be blasted out of bed by my alarm clock.

This morning was really no different, except I did manage to sleep somehow throughout most of the night (could it be all of the EXERCISE I have been doing when I am awake?!?) and I did NOT wake up at my typical hour before the alarm. Instead, I was jolted from a deep and dreamy sleep by the distant sound of what I thought must be a dump truck backing up.

In my fog, I realized it was the GD alarm clock...and in my fog, I also thought I had somehow mistakenly set the dayumed thing! I hit the clock with full force and "shut 'er down", falling back into my deep, relaxing sleep.

About 8:00AM (and 30 minutes before my bus would pass by my house), I suddenly awoke and remembered I had to go to work today! Forgetting my everyday routine of bed ballet to WALK from my lounging mattress to the bathroom, I stumbled out from the warmth of my covers and fell into my "john"...literally. I cranked on the shower, dove in, and proceeded to take the quickest bath I have ever performed...NASCAR could not have performed a tire change this quickly.

I threw food in the feisty feline's bowl, grabbed clothes I wouldn't need to iron, and flew out my door to stand and wait for the Metro bus...I managed to get to work 10 minutes early, snarf down some milk and a coffee cake chunk from Bartell's for breakfast, and tried to be "cheerful" throughout the day...I think everyone already knew the "cheeriness" was an act. LOL

I got home this evening and realized I had one black and one blue sock personal "flag" for the day. I don't think that's too bad of a fashion "fox paw" considering I also had my shirt on backwards when I got to the bus and had to discreetly turn it around without the other bus patrons noticing! LOL
Or DID they?!?...


Sara said...

Impressive - I'm trying to fake "cheerfullness" but I don't reckon anyone is falling for it in my office - going to bed at 2am is not condusive to waking up at 6am!

Steve said...

Travelling back to the East Coast gives me nights just like yours. In recent years, I've given up on it and just take a couple of Tylenol PMs about an hour before bedtime.

mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... been there, done that. It's even better as a man to show up with stubble and your business tie done in reverse.

Good news, you put your underwear on BENEATH your outerwear.



Faking cheerfulness IS a full time job! People shouldn't expect any more from you...LOL




I have more drugs than Rite Aid in my medicine cabinet and several for sleep...I just "forget" to take them until it's too late! Doh!




No, the undies were neatly tucked in the...wait! I can't remember if I had any one!!! LOL


Miss Chris said...

For a second I thought you were going to quote our good buddy MDMHVONPA and refer to it as the "ass crack of dawn". I don't know how you stay up till 3 am. If I'm up till 11:00, I'm up way past my bedtime.



Noooo...I prefer to think of "Dawn" on a more personal in, "her crack"! Don't wanna see it, don't wanna know it exists...LOL