Monday, June 04, 2007

Dr. Jack Is Back!..Or At Least Out Of Prison...

I'm sure most of you have heard the news by now...Dr. Jack Kevorkian, aka, "Dr. Death", was just released from prison this past week. Dressed in his casual, V-neck sweater (typical attire), he left the Michigan Prison Facility accompanied by his lawyer. He has already given an interview to Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes"...see here if you are interested.

I don't know what to think about all of this recent "right to die" and "religious right" politics that has seemed to come to light since Dr. Kevorkian went to prison some 8 years seems we as a country here in the USA are split down the middle regarding these issues. And I certainly don't want to step on any one's toes by shoving my personal opinion down their throat.

But what do YOU think? Should assisted suicide be legalized in the USA? Should we have a right to choose death under certain circumstances? Does assisted suicide violate a moral code/line that should not be crossed?

I know what MY thoughts are...what are YOURS on this topic?...


Adina said...

I am baaaack!!!! Not a minute too soon. I loved your previous posts on this subject.
My opinion ?? well , this is an issue that is charged with emotional, cultural , spiritual and definitely political gravitas which in return makes the matter pale under the weight of whichever group takes the lead and claims responsibility.
Personally , my life means nothing without the power of my mind or the privacy of my bodily functions. I wrote very direct instructions should I need a third party overseeing my “boudoir “ routine or if the flicker of intelligence pales in my brain ….

Sara said...

Great posts! I reckon I'm going to think about it some more & then maybe blog about it myself. Thanks for making me think of this sunny Tuesday in London, xx

mdmhvonpa said...

I'm a slippery slope sort of guy with this. Europe is already having some problems with this issue where doctors are euthanizing individuals without consent if 3 other doctors concur.

Steve said...

Well, I don't know what the "right" answer is, but that's never stopped me before. :) Seriously, though, I can say that one of the things that bothers me about the medical profession in general is the dehumanization that occurs, and the resultant loss of dignity.

It seems that there is some kind of a relative scale where dignity decreases as medical care increases. Or, said another way, the more one needs a doctor's care, the more likely that person is to be seen by half of the hospital in a hallway on a gurney with his hair matted to his forehead, tubes down his throat, needles in his arms and who knows what stuck in his butt. It's like a gross porn film gone completely awry.

So, where people have made a decision while they have the capacity to do so, I can't imagine we wouldn't honor their wishes. There are some things that are worse than death, and being the unwitting participant in a whacked out peep show for Aunt Mable and Uncle Frank (who really just wanted to visit their nephew recovering from gall bladder surgery) is one of those things for me.

My Aunt Dot died from cancer last year. Her doctor insisted she be hospitalized and she refused. She said that she'd rather have 2 weeks with dignity at home with her family and friends than 2 months in a hospital dying alone. I totally understand her perspective.

Miss Chris said...

I'll have to agree with MDMHVONPA. And I was even going to use the phrase "slippery slope" myself, but he beat me to it.

harkoo said...

My mom ended up in a nursing home and eventually made the decision to stop fluids and food not wanting anymore to do with her situation. My family called her identical twin to fly from the midwest so they could spend those last days together. They tell me it was a very spiritual week for everyone. I respect anyone's right to end their life with dignity in their own terms.

Have myelin? said...

Linda, my father is dying from bone cancer due to prostate cancer metastasis. Despite spending thousands a month on pain killing drugs he is in pain and nevermind the quality of his life. He seems to have none, yet he is contented to be in what appears to be enormous pain & suffering. Yikes!

Like mdmhvonna says it's a slippery slope. I know my well as my father's. They differ!!!

I would not want my pets or family to suffer- so this is something I don't understand about my father but I respect his wishes.

Peej said...

Recently I watched as my father went from an active, self reliant man to a bedridden individual for whom living was scarier than dying. He chose to stop all fluids and foods (his feeding tube) and to die rather than live. Family as well as his doctors tried to talk him out of this for whatever reason. I agreed with his choice.

I honestly don't see how we can, as a society, be more compassionate of "Fluffy or Fido" than we are of our relatives... I think we should all have the rights to end our days in peace rather than in agony if we so choose.

This is just one more instance of the government and organized religion putting their massive noses where they don't belong -- in individuals lives!



And THANK GOD you are...back, that is. You've been missed here! When did you become so wise in your words also??? (I really enjoyed your comment here)




Beware of "blog brain"...that horrible thing that comes over us when we read someone else's blog and think we should also blog about the topic! LOL

Personally, you're posts are much more fascinating than mine...because they are about your LIFE. I only live vicariously through others...LOL




I always thought that about you..."hey, there's a slippery slope kind of guy"...LOL




I'm so glad you post comments's always refreshing to have the perspective of someone NOT diagnosed with MS (or thinking about these kind of issues as a matter of daily principle) who can articulate their thoughts so well...thanks!




Oh sure...take the MDMHVONPA ride on this one...LOL (But he IS right...just don't tell him I said so!)




As do I, Joyce...except in my job. I am required to "preserve" life, which does create some interesting "inner conflict" at times...LOL




It sounds like such a blessing that your father has him at your side through this...yes, we are all very different in our perspectives and outlook regarding quality and quantity and what constitutes "suffering"...

I am very sorry to hear about your father, however...




But how do you REALLY feel?!? LOL

All joking aside...I heard what you went through with your father and it seems to me you honored his wishes with grace...something not every family member is capable of.