Friday, June 15, 2007

He's Got My Back...

Every 7 weeks, I have the distinct pleasure of working with one of my favorite coworkers...ROJOO, Poet Extraordinaire! Today was that special day.

I don't talk much about my job (or maybe I say TOO much?!?), but I do often reference the camaraderie of my work place and the peeps I call my extended coworkers. I LOVE these guys...and we ARE like one big, happy, dysfunctional family. LOL

Our job takes us out into the community and into the streets, often pounding on patient's doors and never knowing what might await us behind said door. We DO travel in pairs when doing crisis outreach, but we are armed with only our quick wit and sensibilities...and we are "disturbing" quite often some very DISTURBED individuals...the kind of folks the police draw weapons on just to approach. Sometimes we take police with us, but generally not.

ROJOO (who I just found out this evening doesn't really LIKE that nick I will use it through eternity!) stands at 6 foot something...I barely clear 5'5"...we are a motley pair at best! He is calm and inviting and I am...well, I am directive and sometimes confrontive. It seems to work out somehow, however...LOL

ROJOO and I drove around the country side of our county this afternoon and evening (yes, STEVE...we DID drive through Covington and even stopped at one of the hundred STARBUTTS there...LOL). ROJOO let's me ramble incessantly about nothing and everything...I love a good man who can tune in and out of my chatter. He occasionally added his 2 cents worth when he could get a word in edge-wise (as my mother would say). We had a productive and entertaining shift together.

There was one particular outreach we approached (without going into details to avoid lawsuit or HIPAA violations...LOL) where a gentleman of ROJOO'S stature flew unexpectedly out of his doorway and, at first sight, appeared rather menacing. I was taken a bit by surprise as the patient focused intently on me initially. Under certain circumstances, I might have felt very intimidated and/or frightened...but not this time...I knew ROJOO had my back!

The situation de-escalated quite quickly and was resolved without incident...we returned to our office around 9:30PM to complete our reams of paperwork required for our job. It was a very good evening at work and I left feeling "helpful" and happy...I know this was greatly influenced by my friend and coworker and I head to bed now feeling blessed and content. All is well in my world...

(ROJOO...we talked about what I would post just "came to me"...LOL)


adina said...

Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.
(some old czech proverb)

harkoo said...

I miss the quality and intensity of those work relationships you have with your co-workers. They all sound like wonderful people.

Steve said...

For what it's worth, I would probably watch your reality TV show. :)

mdmhvonpa said...

Hmmm, what if you dressed up like Star Trek Borgs?

Have myelin? said...

9:30PM? Yikes! I'm in pajamas by NOON! Heh.

I miss my co-workers.

R said...

I knew that if things went bad, your bionic legs could take out a kneecap, no problem. You inspire complete confidence in me, so together we could well get into big trouble. But isn't that why we're in this business?

By the way, I LOVE the nickname, so you may as well find another one to annoy me with.

Hope you won big today.




OK, Confucius! Oh, wait...he was Chinese, not Czech! LOL

(nice proverb all the same)




I think (as you also know) people who work in psych are oddly intense I said, "our happy, dysfunctional family". LOL

But I would definitely miss them, too...




A reality show about my job?!? Naw...there's just not enough sex and drama. There IS often nudity, however. LOL




What makes you think we DON'T dress up in costume?!? LOL




I'm just waking UP at noon! Never mind the fact I am usually out of bed by 9:00AM...LOL




"I love you, man"...said like that whining guy on those old beer commercials who just wanted his friend's Bud Light...


Sara said...

wow, sounds like a rather exciting day, i on the other hand just read 2 papers on BCG vaccinations - boring in comparision to your day for sure



I imagine it just depends on what one's definition of "boring" is...frankly, if I have an entire day at work where no one is naked, I find that to be a bit boring! LOL