Thursday, May 17, 2007

You'd Think I Was Smokin' Crack...

Wow, but I DO love this Novantrone 3 week post infusion BURST! I can't seem to stop myself from getting things done and I am ADDICTED to feeling better! (Remind me of how great I feel right now in say, 4 weeks, when the "high" of life without Multiple Sclerosis wears least it did with the first infusion.)

I got up somewhat early (for me) this morning and began sorting through my lists...there are just soooo many things I need to get done, so I keep lists to organize the items (OCD? Me?!?). And I have to take full advantage of my time when I am feeling better to try and tackle some of the bigger those of you with MS know, tomorrow can be a whole different ball game of uncertainty and feeling like S#!+...

I started out by running errands...oh, and gabbing on the phone for an hour. First to Saint EB (she's contracted a respiratory infection from the mere THOUGHT of biking 150 miles!), then my long-time friend and cohort in crime who lives in North Dakota. After making some necessary check in calls, I headed out the door with the "list".

The home improvement store, a locksmith (don't ask), the bank, the pharmacy, and FINALLY back home. The sun came out just as I had requested, so it was time to work in the abyss I call the YARD.

My neighbors are selling their house and offered to give me several stones from their walkway (30, to be exact) if I wanted them. Anything "free is fine by me", so I began hauling all THIRTY of these somewhat heavy stones from their yard, up the hill, to mine. (Note To Self: Need to work on that upper body strength a bit.) My arms were somewhat noodle-y by the end of the load and sweat and dirt had accumulated in my eyes and hair.

Not wanting to ruin a good "look" (the hair caked to my face) by quitting and cleaning up, I next installed a new latch on my fence...I'm rather handy with power tools, so this really wasn't a big deal. Except it was in the sun, which caused more perspiration, which resulted in a steady trickle of sweaty dirt running into my eyes! LOL

After the gate, I repaired a lattice would have been easier to just purchase a new piece of lattice, but no...I had to "repair" it. Not an easy task even WITH power tools.

Then it was time to weed a garden box and dig up an area to put a ground cover in...I broke the handle on my hand shovel doing this! Guess we could use a little of the rain that is forecast for the weekend since the ground is so hard! I planted the ground cover and weeded another rose to toss some mulch around it. But I didn't stop there...

No...I simply moved my "projects" indoors at this point. I cleaned my bathroom (after showering the now mud off my face!) from ceiling to floor AND have done a couple loads of laundry. I did the laundry while I steamed some fresh asparagus and grilled myself a steak! I'm not joking...look out Martha Stewart!

Had I KNOWN I could have this much energy on Novantrone, I would have BEGGED for the drug two year's ago! What was I thinking?!? Oh, yeah...I was thinking a toxic chemotherapy agent could KILL ME, THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!!!

Whatever...I feel pretty darned good and I won't apologize. Because in just a few, short weeks, y'all might be begging me to STOP WHINING. Or, perhaps you might be encouraging me TO smoke some crack...


Steve said...

Sooo... novatrine... is this a pill? Somehow, something that good has to be taken either by injection or from an old school water pipe. Sounds like you were on a serious buzz today!

While I can't begin to understand MS or what you're going through, I am glad that you're feeling well now.

Steve said...

Oh, and I'm glad your cat crapped! :)

Seriously, though, I have three big mutts. The smallest is about 80lbs, and the biggest is a lean 105 lbs.

One of the puppies is a real scavenger. He's very smart and utterly incorrigible, never missing an opportunity to surf the counters, eat a sock... or pretty much anything else. He's better now, but when he was a little guy I was constantly worried about bowel obstruction and had to induce vomiting twice due to bad stuff he found and ate. So, I can totally relate to the anxiety involved. Glad it worked out!



Serious buzz is right! But no...Novantrone is not as easy as a pill. It's an infusion every 3 months...rather cardiotoxic, so I also have to have blood work and an echocardiogram done before each infusion.

But my oh my, what a "high" when I get this few week period of being able to forget I have MS! It seems worth it right now...

Oh, and thanks for the well-wishes about the feline feces! Sounds as if you have the "hounds from hell" though! That is a LOT of dog!


Have myelin? said...

Novantrone sounds like your miracle drug! Whoohooo! I'm thrilled for you!

Can you come and do my abysssssss of hell I call a yard? I'll help. I can do the "huffing and puffing" and pull a few weeds.


Really, I'm thrilled. Good going!!!



Aren't you supposed to be in Texas eating BBQ right now? I couldn't possibly do yard work without the owner's consent and presence...LOL

How hot IS it in ol' San Antone these days? Above a "hunnert" yet?

(and thanks for the well-wishes...I hope your Copaxone is getting easier. Now THAT I would come to Texas to do...just LOVE giving shots! Moohahaha)


Steve said...

I like Rudy's BBQ out near Cibilo. Mmm... their brisket is delicious.



I don't recall that I have EVER been to Cibilo, TX...where the heck is that? Of course, I mostly stayed Eastern and Central perfect my accent! LOL


Steve said...

Cibilo is north of San Antonio, by about 1/2 hour. I grew up in Texas, and my parents still live there. It's kind of like saying "Covington" to someone around here. Even most people who live in San Antonio don't know exactly where it is. :)

Rudy's is "The Worst BBQ in Texas." At least, that's their slogan. When I go with the family, we'll get a pound of the brisket, and they give you a stack of bread when you pay. It's not a sophisticated meal, by any means. I think they're a chain, actually, but I've only ever been to the one near my parent's house.