Saturday, May 12, 2007


It started like this:

And ended like this:

The chocolate malt attack is over, but not forgotten! This WAS my supper tonight, I am proud to say (hey, protein, calcium, Vitamin D...what's not to love?!?)

I am now swaying on the brink of a complete sugar/carbohydrate know the kind. About an hour after indulging, the brain and body begin to shut down and tell you there's nothing else to live for? LOL

I'm going to go rest my weary bones now and contemplate the lint in my my belly button or something important like sleep has been SO BAD having to work these day shifts. I need all the "down time" I can squeeze out of a 24 hour period!

But this too, shall pass...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all!


Steve said...

Take it easy. I went on a malt binge one time and ended up half naked, face down in a ditch with a tattoo of some some lady named Darlene on my arm, a knot on my head the size of a my fist, and a headache that could stop a rhino.

Okay, so that never happened... but it could, if you overdo the malt! :)

Adina said...

hahaha!!! that’s funny Steve, if I could find a chocolate that would give me that kind of fun I would deliver it intravenously 24 hours !!! ( the problem with me is that every time I have fun I end up married !!)
linda , enjoy the down time :)

Have myelin? said...

I love malt balls in my popcorn.

I'm going to TX tomorrow and there's a place that makes killer malts near my've given me an idea for a stop! LOL.

Steve said...

Where in Texas? I grew up there, and visit my parents down there at least a few times per year. I'm always down for a good malt.



You crack me up! LOL I've never had your experience from a "chocolate" malt...malt liquor, maybe...but chocolate, no...LOL




Just a thought...I'd probably stay away from chocolate all together if it produced matrimony. LOL Alimony...I'd run the crap in IV just like you!




Are we talking "whoopers" here? Chocolate malt balls??? favorite movie food.

I have been known to eat plain M&M's in popcorn...

Happy Texas to you also...what part? (Steve and I both have an interest in this it appears...I used to live in Houston!)


Peej said...

What is this with the Great State of Texas?? My husband was born in McAllen and raised in Eagle Pass...

I think it's odd how empty the state always seemed while driving thru it, but here are 4 people who just happened to have lived there??

Wonder where everyone hides/ LOL!

Miss Chris said...

Oooohhhhh...that malt looks so good! That Steve's a pretty funny guy!
I've never tried whoppers in popcorn before...I like tabasco. Is that weird?



What can I say? Texas IS a great state! LOL




I have officially decided you SHOULD be from Arizona! Seems you like everything "hot"...including your popcorn! LOL