Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can I Make You Feel Any WORSE About Where You Live?..

And all y'all thought that little trip to one of the Islands over the weekend was pretty? Well...

I'm heading to THIS beach tomorrow:'s true. My vacation days are NOT over! Miss "T" and I have EARNED a day off together from work on Wednesday and we are taking 'er full tilt to Ocean Shores, Washington. It's about a 2-3 hour drive, so we are leaving at OUR crack of dawn in the morning (ah, that would be some time around 10ish...LOL).

Remember those grueling training days we both put in during March and April? Well, being the successful "guilt" mongers we are, we convinced our Big Boss Lady we "deserved" an extra day off...together. And, much to our surprise, our wish has been granted!

So, I am off to bed now to try and get a few hours of shut eye before our drive in the morning. We have grandiose plans to fly a kite on the beach, eat really good food, and even hit one of the Reservation Casinos on the way back...if we win any "big" money, I'm sure we'll happily give any of you a loan! LOL

But what is most likely to happen is, we'll both get sunburned, lose a couple of bucks in the slot machines, eat at a drive through, and come home tired...ah...good times...good times...LOL...


Sara said...

oh I will have to take a photo of our lovely London weather - dark clouds, rain, strong breeze (so that a brellie is useless), and temps in the high 50s - fun fun fun! I will have to live vicariously through you for the mo, Ra xx
P.S. LOVE you're "always jolly & laughing" - cause I am about 90% of the time!!



Yes, but you DO have all the wonderful old buildings and history where you live...regardless of weather, THAT is something remarkably beautiful about London.

And,'re welcome AJL! LOL


Miss Chris said...

I'll be thinking of you as I mindlessly pump my nickels into the video poker machines in Vegas. Yes, I play the nickels! Maybe you'll hit the jackpot!?

Have myelin? said...

Beautiful! Enjoy your day!

Now about that loan... LOL.



That's the beauty of Vegas...they still let you USE nickels there. Here (on tribal lands), it's a paper never REALLY know how much money the machine has sucked until you are ready to leave! And then the tribe won't let you out the door until you work off your debt...LOL




Ah...that loan...well, let's just say you'll probably have to contact the Quinault Indian Tribe to get any of MY money back!!!