Thursday, May 03, 2007

Who ARE you?!?...

I understand why so many of you randomly wander to BrainCheese from are searching, "Fornication Under Consent of the King", which is one of the blog titles posted (silly perv's!).

But WHO are you folks from Argentina, Mexico, Japan, China, Estonia, Italy, India, France, England (I know YOU are from the United Kingdom, Funky), Australia, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Brazil, and a few other countries I simply can't recall at the moment? There are certainly a lot of you coming to "Cheese" from other countries and NOT all of you are googling "Peeps" or "Fornication Under Consent of the King"! LOL So, I ask, how'd you get here?
ADDENDUM: (And just for clarity sake, I'm talking about those of you who show up on my blog stats as recent page loads on BrainCheese! And already today, I have to add Spain and New Zealand. Sorry, Adina...I should have been clearer...LOL)

Just wondering...


Adina said...

I’LL GO FIRST …….( I hope I understood what you are asking )
i was born in Romania about 40 moons ago ,i went to college in France , moved to England in my very early twenties and came to USA when i was about 25-26 …( i’ll have to say though , my twenties are for the most part the equivalent of a blank stare…i don’t remember too much ….for various reasons LOL!!)



I quickly clarified the blog entry...but MY MY, you have led an exciting and travel-filled life (so I don't regret my brainfart vagueness of the earlier post!)

My twenties also are a bit of a blur...fortunately, the alcohol cleared from my system and I was able to remember and retain my 30's! LOL


Funky Mango said...

Yes, UK here...but NEVER call me English, even though I live in England! I'm Scottish and always will be :-)



I would NEVER be so bold as to call a Brit "English" by association...just like I would NEVER simply refer to a US Citizen as "A-hole"...LOL