Monday, May 07, 2007

Oops! Did I Over Do It?..

Maybe it's just the "Monday Morning Flu"...I've been off work for the past 10 days to accommodate the post Novantrone fatigue/gastric upset/malaise and am scheduled to go back in today. But I actually LIKE my job (most days) and I am scheduled to work with one of my all-time-favorite coworkers...I'd probably go in with a severed arm and a tourniquet knowing I'd be working with her! The laughter and brevity is too good to pass up.

I went to bed "early" last night (by my standards) at midnight, thinking I could sleep nearly 9 hours (if the sleep fairies obliged) and get up for a 10:30AM therapist appointment. I had been feeling SO good the past three days, I was actually looking FORWARD to returning to work and hanging out with the people I call my extended family (coworkers). All seemed right in my tiny microcosm at the stroke of midnight.

I slept restlessly, having some bizarre dream about my parents house being bulldozed down (too weird to go into detail...and too much "personal" information to disclose!) and awoke abruptly at 4:00AM. This was not a "good thing".

I realized I had been coughing in my sleep, that my throat felt scratchy, and my head seemed congested...oops. I continued to lay in bed until around 5:30AM, when I finally decided to get up and "take something"...I felt rather miserable. And that's when I also discovered I had ONCE AGAIN forgotten to take my standard dose of daily pills ALL DAY yesterday (some vitamins, some B/P meds, some "migraine" medication, and the Wellbutrin for mental clarity)...I forgot because I WAS FEELING SO GOOD!

So, I popped the handful of horse pills down along with a handful of Advil, and headed back to my bed. I called my therapist and left a croaking message to cancel my 10:30AM appointment and somehow managed to fall back to sleep...I was worried I might have to also call my work and "cancel" my appearance today.

I finally resurfaced from my tomb around 11:00AM this morning and, although my arms and legs feel "weak" (you MSers know it's hard to describe these physical sensations!), my throat and nose have made a miraculous turn around! What the F&$*?

I'm headed for the shower shortly to try to wash the stink off (that's what my mother used to call it) and get ready to go to work, in spite of feeling this unusual "weakness" in my limbs. I have decided I "may" have over done it this weekend (because I felt SO GOOD) and been a bit lapse about my handwashing and attempts to avoid germs (remember: Novantrone lowers the blood counts and it pays to be hyper vigilant about this, rather than catching every "bug" on the block. LOL). So I've busted out the gallon jug of Purell and will return to my obsessive hand cleaning routine today.

Lesson learned: MS/body will ALWAYS trump mind...


Steve said...

How you feeling now? I saw you posted this in the morning. You feeling better as the day goes on? That you chose roadkill was telling!



Thanks for inquiring, Steve! Yes, as the day wore on, I DID begin to feel improved and spent my 9 1/2 hours at work...home now and tired with a bit of a "scratchy" throat, but otherwise, no worse for the wear I suppose. LOL

I'll have to check your blog to see how YOU are feeling!