Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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Today is a day of "thievery" for me...I am stealing the above picture from Funky Mango's blog because I think it is quite worthy of theft! Funky is one of several bloggers who are posting today, May 1st, on "Blogging against Disablism"...I just read her post. It is quite thoughtful and important.

I am NOT in a wheelchair myself, nor am I currently needing an assistive device to walk. I have no braces, slings, paralysis, or any other outward and noticeable "sign" I have Multiple Sclerosis. But for the grace of God, go I...

But for today, I want to "honor" my brothers and sisters who DO NOT have the same means of mobility and independence I currently have...and I "honor" them with theft. LOL I've stolen a poem from another site (if jailed for this offense, I DO hope you all will continue to visit my blog...although the postings may fall between shower time and court dates!). I like this poet's writing...Google her for her website:


by Laura Hershey

Could you move, the waitress says,
politely of course,
you're in the way.
A common request, my trusted wheelchair just
an impediment, an obstacle to the busy,
a clumsy roadblock I haul with me down every road
and when parked
an interruption
or at least a slowing down
of the life I only
wish to be part of; a piece of surplus furniture
in the already crowded rooms
of restaurants, bars, theaters.

I accommodate,
backing into corners
turning sideways
angling my wheels
to leave a clear path
asking, politely of course,
Is that better?

I get in the way
without trying.
I apologize
excuse myself
and move out of the way.

But not today.
Today I listen
to a small, recalcitrant voice inside
that insists:
Such power
should not be wasted.

If I alone can be so much
and so often in the way,
if I can create such worry among waitpersons
such consternation in concert halls
such alarm in the aisles
of grocery stores
just imagine the aggravation a dozen
or two dozen
or three hundred
people using wheelchairs can cause people
who would rather not see our needs
or hear our demands
or acknowledge our rights!
Just imagine!

Better yet, see me now!
See me block this doorway, plant my wheels firm,
see me lock my brakes!
No, I tell some bureaucrat
who wants to get into his office
so he can make decisions about my future.
No, I will not turn
I will not move over
I will not get out of your way
not until the police order me to, under threat of arrest
and maybe not even then!

In the way
in the way all day,
I woman this barricade which is mine
whenever I need it,
this roadblock I haul with me down every road,
this wall I can construct at will,
and be happily in the way with,
and say no with,
and plaster with scrawled signs about freedom,
and add to the bigger walls growing
around whole buildings, around whole city blocks.
I can turn back
customers, employees, delivery people, even cops.
I can keep the usually powerful
in or out of their offices.

I can be in the way
in the way
I can be in the way
my way.


Funky Mango said...

Thanks, as ever, for stealing from me ;-)

I can't take the credit this time though - the picture is from The Goldfish who masterminds Blogging Against Disablism Day. There are links to all this year's posts here.



I often ask myself is it really stealing if you TELL the person you have taken from? Perhaps it is more "borrowing without permission"? LOL Or maybe confessional theft...


Funky Mango said...

Well I don't consider it stealing...as you can tell from my reaction! As an apprentice academic (studying for my PhD) I'd say it's fine as long as you credit your sources...