Thursday, May 17, 2007

Overwhelmed With Gratitude...

Just a quick note to say, "thank you", to some of the greatest people I know...YOU! I just checked Saint EB's donation site and I was completely overwhelmed that she has already raised $ brought me to tears.

Sometimes the kindness in the world overwhelms me almost as much as the sadness I see. I see heartbreak, disease, and hopelessness every day in my work...I've grown some pretty tough skin as a way to deal with this and shield myself protectively.

But I've never managed to grow any kind of "skin" to either shield or deflect the wonders and blessings of the world...thank goodness. I simply become overwhelmed with gratitude instead.

What a blessing it is to have YOU in my life...even if it is simply cyberspace that brings us together. And, although not a "blessing" to be living with Multiple Sclerosis, this disease has brought me countless gifts I never would have experienced without it. This disease, as uncertain and heartbreaking as it can be, has brought me great strength and a deeper connection to the human has brought YOU and I together.

MS has given me the gift of YOU...and that, my friends, is a blessing I count...


Steve said...

You're a bona fide sweetheart.

Sara said...

I was hoping my donation would go through, since I'm rather far away sometimes my credit card has problems being accepted. Did my "note" come attached to it? I gave my donation in honour of you & Zee!!!



SHHH! Don't start spreading THAT "rumor" around...people at work will start expecting me to be kind, instead of crude!




Hello! It's very nice to meet you!

Yes, your donation AND message did come through regarding Zee. I just LOVE her blog also...try to read it everytime she posts as it is highly entertaining.

Thank you so much for your kind donation...I sent Saint EB Zee's email address as it was/is the only way I know to reach you. EB wants to PERSONALLY thank everyone...I said, "Have at it!"

Thanks again and it's great to meet you...


Charles-A. Rovira said...

You never want to grow a tough skin to that. :-)

And yes, there are some nice people out there.



True about the "skin" issue...I find the majority of people have a nice streak. It's the minority of "asses" out there that ruin for the rest of us! LOL