Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well, I'll Be Dayumed!..

Today was the first day in my life absolutely NOTHING funny joke...there was nothing funny or even mildly humorous going on today. It was really rather boring and disconnecting.

Almost EVERY day SOMETHING funny happens...many things occur in my day that I cannot write about here on "Cheese", but usually SOMETHING else funny goes on in my life that I CAN share. go today.

I woke up this morning as usual and lay in my bed pondering just what funny thing might go on during my awake hours...nothing came to mind. This struck me as odd. I almost always have an idea of what "might" go on in my life that "could" send me into gut-wrenching stitches from mind was blank.

So, I began my day a bit on the cautious side....perhaps today would be the day I would I have to SEARCH for my humorous encounters. I don't like to have to do wastes energy and kind of zaps the whole experience a bit. Comedy/laughter is ALWAYS best unplanned.

Cautiously I stepped out into the big world today, adjusting my rose-colored glasses (which also have a nose and eye brows attached to them), and went about the motions of living...waiting like a kid playing hide and seek, for that "Hi Larry Us" moment to jump out and grab just never came. The day progressed without ANY sense of humor and, try as I might, I just couldn't "force" it. Humor doesn't like to be grows best in spontaneity and lightness.

And now, here I sit at my computer, trying to type a blog...I usually pride myself in making these posts somewhat "Seinfeldishly" funny. But all I can do is apologize tonight...I've got nothing. Someone must have stolen my joy in my sleep and turned off my laugh button.

Anybody ELSE have something funny THEY'D like to share? I'm desperate here...LOL...


adina said...

I got married !!! LOL!! nah…kiddin’..just thought it was funny.
I had what I call a Lucy ( as in Lucille Ball) day. Everything went wrong , broke on me , snapped, spilled , exploded !! I just wished I was hand making chocolate in a factory by the end of the day .
I’ll have a big Margarita and see what that leads to …..LOL!!



"Aaaahhh, Loosee"..."Ah, Ricky"...brings back such memories. LOL

Listen...I know you are on the East Coast and three hours ahead of my time zone...but it's NOT even noon there yet! STEP AWAY FROM THE BLENDER!!!! At least wait until 12:01PM to start mixing the Margaritas...LMAO


Miss Chris said...

Your comment on my blog gave me a great chuckle! And I really needed it.



Chuckling can be long as it doesn't cause you to wake up panicked and not breathing in your sleep! LOL


Have myelin? said...

I'm pregnant! Nah....

Thank the heavens that's not true.



That Copaxone does NOT work as a good form of birth control, I see!