Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not Much To Tell...

Well, the news here at Lake Wobegon is pretty slim (that's a reference for all of you NPR fans...the radio station?...Garrison Keillor?...ah, forget it!).

I think my Devil Kitty, Meha, might be constipated...that's the news flash of the day. LOL She hasn't done "number 2" for about 24 hours, which is highly unusual...she's not acting any differently, however. Still attacking my feet and trying to make her break out via the screens.

You may be wondering how I KNOW D.K. has not "relieved" herself for 24 hours? Well, that's simple...she's an indoor only cat (litter box) and when she DOES hit the pan with the "2", it's like living next to Union Carbide (refinery)...practically melts the paint right off the walls!

Other than my cat not crapping, life here continues on status quo...I am off work until Friday, when I return to do another "fiver" in a row (remember: my fives are between 9 - 10 hour days!)...then, I'm off on my 6 day furlough (WooHoo!). I have plans with a coworker to make a "drug" run to Canada next week...that should be exciting...LOL

As most "Staters" know, Canada not only has CHEAPER prices on most pharmaceuticals, but many things that can't be purchased over the counter (OTC) here in the USA CAN be found OTC in the great Land O''s just not exactly "legal" to import said pharmaceuticals. Whatever...I'm actually going along to ride shot gun and smuggle some Canadian/Cuban cigars across the thin line between the countries! LOL

I have a couple of good buddies (Rojoo, being one of them) who enjoy a good cigar every now and again...I'm "crossing over" in hopes of finding a few good Cubans to bring back for these's the least I can do for my dear friends, who have given soooo much to me this past year of MS Relapse Hysteria. And the "least I can do" is most likely TIME in a Federal prison! Yes, I WILL do time for my friends if I have to! LOL

I mean, it's NOT like I'm a terrorist...and Fidel Castro may already be dead. Does anybody REALLY know his health status these days?!? That embargo we've got going on (for the past 40 years, is it now?) with Cuba could be lifted VERY soon and we could ALL be smoking a Cuban with no threat of prison time...but what fun is there in THAT?!? Once Cuban cigars are legal again, they'll lose their luster...

Now, I know there may still be someone out there from Canada reading this post...there used to be someone who WORKED for the Canadian "govmet" who regularly read "CHEESE" on AOL...AND, she worked in Customs! Am I setting myself up for body cavity searches and prison time with Martha Stewart by writing this?!? I think not...

"I think not", because the Canadian peeps are some of the greatest people in the world...I know this because a few of my friends are Canadian and I feel I can speak on behalf of the ENTIRE country! LOL It is only the AMERICAN side of the border that has it's panties in a wad over such "atrocities" as bringing an embargoed cigar across the wire.

Living less than 3 hours from the Canadian/American border brings many of these issues of commerce and craziness close to also brings me a greater appreciation for Canadians. It also brings this blog full circle back to the original picture...since Lake Wobegon is near the Canadian border, MY mind...tangential? I think not...LOL...


Miss Chris said...

You're less than 3 hours from Canada...I'm less than that from Mexico. Yet I'd be a more than a little leary of any drugs from down there but you'd be surprised how many people go there for their meds. The border towns are kind of seedy.

Anonymous said...

We who love satanic wreaths of fumes circling our heads salute and thank you for any effort and will bail you out if necessary.



Yes, I used to live in Houston...a bit further drive to Mexico, but I AM familar with the "border towns"...seedy AND scary really.

Did you get your AC fixed yet?




You KNOW I'd do time in the slammer for you, bud! Off now to plot my major coup against the government...LOL


Steve said...

Hey, I'll take one of this stogies! :)

On a serious note, the drug situation is ridiculous, and thinking about the Medicare Part D just makes me seethe. The idea that a nurse, a member of the medical field, needs to drive to Canada to pick up meds... and some good cigars, is ludicrous.

But I'm glad you're well. Do you think your cat ate something it shouldn't have? Hope you get some kitty rocca soon, so you don't have to worry. :D



Oh...the drugs are for my colleague, not me! And she's "just" a Social Worker, so...LOL

I'm only going for the fun of the ride, smuggling, and excitement! But if I can tape enough of those Cubans to my chest and sneak across undetected by hounds, I'll DEFINITELY pick you up a me get busted with it driving the "loot" to Covington...LOL

How's your back BTW?


Have myelin? said...

LOL @ the idea of smuggling stogies and medications over the border! I'll hitch a ride with hubby to Seattle and visit you in jail if need be!

And steal your constipated cat. I have four cats, what's one more.




THANK GOD!!! Finally someone who will take this damn cat! And I only have to do Federal prison time for this, right?!? LOL