Thursday, April 19, 2007

Taking A Roll In The Tube Again...

Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named responded to my complaints of "mystery eye/head pain" last week by ordering yet another MRI. For those of you new to the idea or procedure of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), I will direct you to "The Sausage Makers MRI Survival Guide", posted in April of 2006: (I'm still in process of transferring the Archives of BRAINCHEESE on AOL over here, but this is one of the few that have made it's still on AOL also).

And for those of you who have been haplessly following my random rants over the past year, you will recall my MRI results have looked like something from a Christmas special...bright light gadolinium glows illuminating the dark regions of my pee brain! So consequently, I'm really NOT looking forward to this test just hasn't produced "happy" news for me over the past two years. And I do like to feel blissfully and ignorantly "happy"...LOL

I'm really not certain what Dr. SWWNBN is looking for this time since her order is in response to my "migraines" (or alleged migraines, that is!). I think she may have just felt like she needed to DO something to look like she was paying attention to my whining!

Whatever the case, I am scheduled for the "tube" at 9:30AM on Friday...oddly, as I am typing this, the Diagnostic Imaging peeps just called to remind me of this I would FORGET I'm going to be shoved into a horizontal rabbit hole for an hour tomorrow?!? Geez...

Club Med also called yesterday in frantic "wad" (their panties, not mine) needing to reschedule me because of some emergency MRI they were needing to do on Friday during my scheduled time...I wondered what could possibly be classified as an "emergency" 48 hours into the future, but I didn't ask...I really didn't want to know. They "moved" me to the outpatient MRI center to accommodate their emergency, which means I am going to a new location, with new people, who don't understand my sense (or lack of)'s like meeting in laws all over again.

And to top it off, Club Med and the Outpatient Diagnostic Center do not interface...they are owned and operated by the same multi-millionaire company (must be Haliburton, I'm sure), and yet their computer systems don't "connect"...this means I am responsible for schlepping old records, etc., to them. What the fu<$?!? My insurance company will drop a cool $3000 - $5000 grand on them and they can't call or walk across the street to retrieve my old films FOR me?!? I think for THREE GRAND, I'd at least draw some pictures or something to make it look like I tried...LOL

On a "lighter" #6 of DOWNSIZE ME is seeming a bit easier AND the scale reveals I have dropped TWO POUNDS this week already! Of course, I DID weigh myself right after a morning sit down visit to the porcelain God...this weight loss may simply be more proof I am full of "Sh!&" should the weight return during the day! LOL



Adina said...

I refuse to have any more MRI’s .I simply do not see the use of it …The way I look at it ,if I feel miserable because of MS , a good or bad MRI would mean nothing in terms of treatment options . On the other hand I guess that if live spots are present they give you the steroid options …I don’t know…. Myself ,I stayed away from steroids for 14, 15 years …..
Anyway, sorry for the unsolicited opinion LOL! ( The world cording to Adina free of charge )

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Hello Adina,

you've stayed away from MRIs while I look at mine with fascination.

I agree with you on steroids though.




I think the best opinions ARE the unsolicited least when I'm offering them, that is!

As I said, I think Dr. SWWNBN just needed to feel my expense, of course...LOL




Hey! Good to see you...I have to admit, I'm the first one to pop the ol' CD in of my MRI when I get home. Kind of like looking at a train wreck. LOL

How's the podcast going?


Adina said...

Charles, Linda,
I understand the fascination with one brain…I used to stare at my MRI in the beginning also. Now I am afraid I won’t even show on film anymore….LOL ( what you don’t know won’t hurt you …)

mdmhvonpa said...

Ohhh, this is an opportunity! When they ask you for your films, whip out the slide show from the last vacation. And when they clarify, tell them your camera cannot take pictures inside people, but you have your brain in your purse ... then pull out a plastic one. The potential!



What you don't know won't hurt you...hmmm...particularly if you have no brain! LOL




You are a sick and twisted individual...the very reasons I LIKE you!!! Hope your funk is improving (you did remember the alchol, didn't you?!?)