Saturday, April 21, 2007

OH MY GOD!...Literally...

I just finished watching the movie documentary, "JESUS CAMP"...I am now too frightened to go to sleep! Not because the movie convinced me I am a hedonistic sinner damned to hell either...I am afraid to go to sleep knowing these "Jesus Camp" people exist out there! The movie did not inspire me or put the fear of God in put the FEAR OF HIS FOLLOWS/THESE FOLLOWERS IN ME.

At first glance, the above stolen clipped picture of children's wrists lured me into the notion there was a group of kids out there really supportive of the Multiple Sclerosis cause...those arm bands DO look like the MS Band of Hope after all! I thought, "How great. A group of Christian kids showing their support for MS. We need more fund-raisers out there."

Later in the movie, I discovered these brightly-colored wrist bands (I thought the MS Society SECURED the color red for us?!?) are actually the Pro-Life movement bands...I proceeded in horror to watch children barely grown from the larvae stage chant, dance, and pray for "50 million unborn babies killed by abortion". I wondered if these babies (not the aborted) in this movie even knew what an abortion was...I'm pretty sure of most of them didn't know what sexual intercourse was.

And who IS this woman???

What a dreadfully frightening beast!!!

I watched this movie in absolute astonishment of this woman's convictions and secretly wondered what OTHER "convictions" she might have in her past. After all, the beloved "angel fallen from the grace of God", Ted Haggart, AKA hidden homosexual/gay bashing preacher from Colorado was in the movie also...he really DOES have a conviction and it's not just to Jesus.

I'm afraid I may have nightmares of this woman looking something like this:

She really IS very scary in this movie.

Now just for the record, I am NOT bashing Christianity...I repeat...I AM NOT BASHING CHRISTIANITY. I know many a Christian who are wonderful, loving, kind, and emphatic folks...they love their God and they love their religion. They are good people.

But the words these religious "leaders" choose to use in this movie are filled with hate and they bring me to deep sorrow...because children as young as 4 and 5 are being taught this powerful message of discrimination, bigotry, and violence. Yes, I said VIOLENCE. You simply cannot use the words "peace" and "war" in the same sentence...just like you cannot use the words "fear" and "peace" in the same sentence...the words cancel each other out. Likewise, you cannot use any of these powerful and violent images with children unless you are attempting to indoctrinate them into a world of HATE and FEAR.

It's not Christianity's fault we are at "war" in Iraq (and let's not forget Afghanistan, too, as we so often do). It's not Christianity's fault we are in a "war on terror". It's not "liberals" fault abortion exists and it's not God's fault gunmen kill people randomly on school campuses. IT IS THE FAULT OF HUMAN BEINGS--MEN/WOMEN--AND WHAT LIES IN THEIR HEARTS AND SOULS.

The ironic part of this movie was watching the above woman tell these ankle-biting children to give up the "things of the flesh" and yet she prayed to God/Jesus before her camp opened that the weather didn't knock out the electricity, the sound system stayed up and running, and an assortment of other "material" things. I wondered if perhaps she shouldn't be consulting the Magic 8 Ball instead for her "answers". I just don't think Jesus prayed over such matters when he was spreading his word, but maybe I'm wrong. LOL

So, in the "spirit" of the movie, "Jesus Camp", I pray no one sends me hate mail because of this post, my computer keeps running, the weather stays nice, I win the lottery, and I miraculously lose 30 pounds! Amen...


Adina said...

I always admired atheists. I think it takes a lot of faith. Get it ???Ha!
Anyway , on a serious note , I know exactly what you mean and the fear ( as in humanity at its worst kind of fear) these extreme communities manage to instill in me is hair-raising……Actually ,a couple of years ago, when I was still working, a coworker asked me what I was doing for Easter. I smiled politely and told her that I don’t celebrate Easter being Jewish and all that…She looked at me with profound pity and said: I am sorry for you , I’ll pray for you in church !!!
Needles to say my life has never been the same since !!LOL!!!!!

PS: My partner is Christian, even more , his father was a pastor . We never had any misapprehensions about organized religion and we always respected each others intimate soul searching trips into spirituality….

harkoo said...

I am so glad someone else has seen this film! Saw it the day of the Northeaster and the campus killings--fit right in with the mood of the day. Did you mention in your blog that it is a deliberate attempt to be preparing a new voting bloc for the Right? Praise the Lord!



You little rebel, you!




What a day THAT must have been? The wrath of "God" in storms and on campuses...I'm no longer certain the East Coast is "blessed"...


Peej said...

I've seen the movie too... I'd rather have watched SAW3 - at least then you'd have known before spending your $ that you were going to watch a horror movie!!

No religion has a lock on fanatics. They're everywhere.



SAW3, eh? Can't say I've seen SAW1 or SAW2, but now I KNOW not to rent them!!! Thanks for the tip...


patrick said...

i appreciate that the makers of Jesus Camp let the people interviewed do all the talking... over all, there is some truth in this flick as long as it's taken with a grain (or maybe a bucket) of salt