Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm Fixin' To Blow!...

I'm just going to have to stop watching the news and also cease listening to any political or religious figure...that pretty much cuts out most of my interactions outside of my coworkers, the patients I see, and a small handful of friends!
I was watching the news today about the Legislative Committee that is convening because of the Virginia Tech College campus shooting...I wanted to THROW UP! And yes, I AM getting ready to stand on my mighty soap box (because the elevation the box gives me brings me closer to God!).
What in HELL'S NAME are these JACKASS POLITICIANS talking about??? Do they even know themselves??? The entire focus of their "committee" meeting is surrounding the MENTALLY ILL and how to keep them from getting guns!!!
There are two main groups of peeps I advocate strongly for: Children and the Mentally Ill...because their voices are so often unheard or simply drowned out by the GRATING NOISES OF POLITICIANS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS.
As I have quoted before (and I'm about to quote it again!), less than 3% of all VIOLENT CRIMES are committed by the MENTALLY ILL. That is a FACT, not fiction. Go to the National Bureau of reported statistics or the National Criminal Justice Bureau...these BEAN COUNTERS (statisticians) seem to get these numbers right!
I am sick and tired of hearing about the mental illness OR mental health of
Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech campus shooter. I am nauseated to the point of vomit in hearing how he was "committed" at one point for suicidal thinking (and for two, whole days, mind you! A whole lot of mental health treatment takes place in TWO DAYS!)...NOT HOMICIDAL THINKING...suicidal ideations. There is a hell of a lot of difference between the two! And there is a HELL OF A LOT OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOCIOPATHIC THINKING AND PSYCHOTIC THINKING...please make a note of that last sentence, all you daft politicians in Washington D.C.!
It is fine and dandy for politicians to stand on THEIR friggin' soap boxes and be outraged about this recent shooting...except they are only OUTRAGED TO CAPTURE VOTES, not necessarily to HELP ANYONE. Because if they WERE motivated to deal with the MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS that is happening across America, THEY WOULD BE TALKING AND DIGGING IN THEIR DEEP-HOLE POCKETS ON HOW TO FUND TREATMENT!!!
You read that last sentence says "Mental Health Crisis"...and there IS one occurring across America, my dear friends. As more and more social services money is cut by GREEDY-ASSED political leaders (and I won't even side with liberals or conservatives here) to send to meaningless wars and the like, our vulnerable populations of people here in the States are suffering...the mentally ill being one of those groups.
I can only speak for Washington state as FACT about this crisis and I have to be very careful in HOW I speak about this matter also...lest I lose my job! But as the population of the mentally ill increases (because the world population is's just a fact, folks!), more and more money is being taking from this vulnerable group...therefore, less and less services and treatment are available. People are being turned away from mental health center doors because of over-crowding and lack of funding. State hospital beds are being cut and downsized because of lack of funding. Emergency rooms are becoming the primary treatment source because guessed it...LACK OF FU<$ING FUNDING!!!!!!!
This isn't rocket science, you smarmy political figures! If there is no MONEY, there is no TREATMENT. Limit all the guns you want to your so-called labeled "mentally ill"...oh and while you are at it, compile a NATIONAL DATA BASE OF THE MENTALLY ILL...we all want BIG BROTHER watching over these "sick people" anyway.
But what will be the cut off or targeting points for this list? I'm just curious...will it be ANYONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN COMMITTED IN ANY STATE?...because state to state mental health commitment laws vary drastically. Will it be anyone who has ever been in therapy to work on personal issues?...because PUT ME ON THAT LIST RIGHT NOW! Who gets to label/determine just "who" gets considered "mentally ill"?...put me on THAT board of directors, because I know a few political leaders and religious leaders I'd like to add to this vague and freely established LIST OF THE MENTALLY ILL!!!
This topic just exhausts me...but unfortunately, I have to go to work now for my measly STIPEND of a salary (because I work in the ever-unfunded, ever-shrinking SOCIAL SERVICES!!) and try to assist the very people I am talking about...the mentally ill. Somebody has to do it...THANK GOD IT'S ME, and I mean that sincerely...


Miss Chris said...

I heard a newscaster asking a psychotherapist if it would be a good idea for people to have access to other peoples psychiatry records. Are you kidding me? Is nothing sacred? Just what this country needs...a group of ill people not seeking help because their personal health info. may someday be used against them or made public. Where do these stations get these people?



AMEN, sister Chris...AMEN. You've hit the nail on the head and YOU'RE not even a "rocket scientist" (are you?!?)...


Peej said...

I've stopped watching the broadcasts because, at least at the time, all the reporters were doing was blaming the teachers for this. Being married to a teacher I know first hand how much blood and sweat they put in to their work and how much they care about each student... To blame them for this is a crime in itself. :(

Our society is very strange in many ways but what I find strangest is the way we're told how to raise our children, what society considers child abuse (sorry but most kids have more to worry about than an occasional smack across the butt) and what our children are "entitled to" while growing up whether we can afford it or not or whether we agree with it or not!

When this child rearing by committee doesn't quite work according to plan, the parents are then blamed for being out of touch and raising criminals. Maybe it's just me but I find this strange.



I didn't catch the broadcasts about blaming teachers, but I have no doubt EVERYONE got blamed for something!


Suzy said...

Amen, BrainCheese...Amen.

I had to turn off the was just getting to the point of enough is enough!



You can turn off your TV, but you can't answer your phone??? (Do you feel a definite theme coming from me about your phone?!?) LOL