Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Just Not As "Bright" As I Used To Be...

It's true...the MRI proves it! My noggin is not as BRIGHT as it was in November 2006. Seriously...this is a GOOD thing!

I just received "official" word from Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named that my recent MRI showed no new enhancing lesions. Our email conversation went as follows:

SUBJECT: Verdict...

ME: Any MRI pix sent your way and/or a radiologist report? I'm thinking things look improved (at least not as enhancing) and I'd like to commence with the happy dance. Novantrone dose #2 is on for Friday...

Dr. SWWNBN: It looked ok.(none worse for the wear.)

ME: Mkay...could you be just a "tiny" bit more forthcoming with some information?!? What exactly does "none worse for the wear" mean? Impress me with some of that highly trained neuro knowledge...if you dare.
Don't make me have to smuggle my own records out of Club Med...LOL

Dr. SWWNBN: It was a stable exam with no enhancement, no change compared with 11/06 study.

ME: HA! Which one of us gets to take credit for it though? You or me?...LOL

Dr. SWWNBN: Me of course

And so it goes...I'd like to think the Blue Dye #24/Novantrone may have something to do with this good news, but who knows. It's probably still too soon to tell. The important thing is, I currently have no NEW ACTIVE DISEASE attacking my brain...this is a wonderful thing to hear, having gone through a year of HELL with this disease.

The other good news is the fact I am actually FEELING better overall these days as well. When I return to my symptoms journal from the beginning of last year through January, I realize just how badly I was feeling back then and I can compare it to how I feel physically now...there's really no comparison!

Sure, I still have residual symptoms of past relapses that are bothersome...but I can and DO adapt to those changes over time. Like remembering not to look up above my head at airplanes, lest I cause my world to spin in vertigo. If I create that sensation enough, I eventually remember NOT to do it! Or reminding myself to stretch my calves each morning before trying to leap out of bed...if I Swan Dive enough to the floor, I CAN retain the idea I must do this before walking (of course, if I keep hitting my head every time I forget, I might have some "retention" difficulties I suppose...LOL). These are just a few of the things those of us with Multiple Sclerosis "adapt" to...and, it unfortunately or fortunately becomes the NORM.

Whatever the culprit is behind my better health today, I don't really care. SOMETHING is working...whether it is Dr. SWWNBN's "voodoo" medicine, changes I have made in my lifestyle (I AM still without caffeine, too...pray for me!), or the planetary alignments...I will take this stabilization any way I can get it. Well, maybe not "any way" I can get it, but at least HOW I am getting it right now.

Have any of YOU seen changes for the better or stabilization of your MS? Is there other "good news" out there I should be reporting? I'd love to hear from you about this...what helps, what works for you, where you are at with your MS...


Miss Chris said...

Congrats on the MRI results! I consider that to be great news! I'm glad you've found a med that seems to be working for you.



Why, thank you, thank you! I wish I could take some sort of bow or credit for this...but, alas...I have no CLUE why, it just is.

I'm good with it, though...whoever is to blame! LOL


Suzy said...

I'm so happy that there are no new lesions and that you aren't as bright as you used to be! Last year was the YFH and I'm glad it's over for you, and for me!

Where am I at in my MS? Good question. Just when I think I'm moving ahead, I seem to be yanked back a few steps. I guess it's a matter of learning to adapt, and you know me, I refuse to do things the easy way!

Suzy said...

Oh, one more thing to add...where am I at in my MS...I'm still working on your Christmas present. LOL Think I'll get it done in time for this upcoming holiday?



Yes, you seem to have developed a "learning disability" with all of your disorders! But, then again, I'm not sure I could take in all the information you do either...LOL

I'm glad to see you back in the blogosphere again...I have missed you! And pick up your dayum phone if I call...mumble, mumble, cuss, cuss...




It is enough of a "present" to get to talk with you now and again...may I remind you to pick up your phone? LMAO


Funky Mango said...

:-) Great news - you take the credit girl, we gotta grab it when we can!

Adina said...

this is fantastic news !!!i'll toast a glass of wine for your improved health
(like i need more reasons to drink LOL!!)

harkoo said...

I have never seen someone fight as hard as you have this year. I hope it is the novantrone that is working so well for you and you can get on with it and enjoy your life. Glad it is good news for you with the MRI

mdmhvonpa said...

I'm still waiting on the sexy smurfette pics!



Actually, YOU have probably fought harder than me with's just that you READ about my every fart here on the blog, making it seem like I am farting, I mean FIGHTING so hard! LOL




If I KNEW of any sexy smurfettes, I'd definitely post them for if you're into fat, middle-aged light blue old ladies, this I can provide!


Peej said...

Congratulations on your latest MRI results! Who cares what did it as long as it was done? :)

Where am I on this MS ride? I wish I knew! Between the diet (I hate bunny food!),3 months of being smoke free and constant spasms in my feet.. I really don't know what is making me feel the most crappy at the moment.

Whatever it is I'm sure it'll pass soon enough. :)


Suzy said...

Girlfriend, tonight I answered. Do I get a reward? Ahh...heck, reward enough was getting to talk to YOU!

Next week...more tales from the neighborhood crypt. Hmmm....I'm not really sure I know what a crypt is...but I DO KNOW WHAT A CAMI IS. =)




You are definitely my role model...just accept it.





The English language has just become TOO complicated for me!