Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter Egg #6:...

As promised...I have made up business-card-sized "gentle" reminders for those who transgress and park in disabled parking spots without demonstrating appropriate LEGAL need, i.e., designated placards or license plates. The photo is what the cards look like front and back. my personal pledge to those of you who have either come to the dark side from AOL BrainCheese or who have had the horrible misfortune of stumbling here on your own, I give you this:

I will make YOU your very own set of 10 "gentle reminder cards" and mail them to you at your request. All you have to do is send me an email at with your name, mailing address (snail mail), and YOUR state of residence parking enforcement code (I can look it up for you on the Internet, but frankly I'm just too lazy!)...I will alter the printed side to reflect your state or municipality's legislative code. AND...I will do this freely. I consider this an opportunity to do some charitable donating to ANYONE with mobility issues...and to raise awareness (although people who randomly park in disabled parking spots without need, may NEED a club across the head to truly "raise" their awareness!). I am going to have to limit how many sets of 10 I can print however, due to my own "limited" time/money/energy. aren't you glad you switched to Blogspot??? This isn't being offered on the AOL site!
(Answer to Easter Egg #5 will be in the next post)


Suzy said...

You soooo crack me up, that little creative side of you, that is. =) I almost called you yesterday and I'm glad I didn' DO need to rest, dayum you!



A call from you would NEVER interupt my rest...and it certainly might help break up the monotony of my self-absorbed whining!