Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Having A Hard Time Kicking The "Habit"...(especially with the nun still wearing it)...

Yep, I'm having a hard time with DOWNSIZE ME...I'll admit it...I'm a strong enough person to admit my weaknesses. Caffeine withdrawal sucks! It sucks really, really bad...

I did make it through my first afternoon of work completely "unleaded"...unfortunately, about half way through my evening, I found myself laying down on the nasty-dirty carpet floor in my office and putting my legs up on a chair! I needed a break and a breather.

I also found myself circling and coveting one of my coworkers file drawers...a drawer KNOWN to be filled with "relief supplies"! I was on a candy hunt. I opened her drawer (don't worry...she's given me permission so it wasn't like I was stealing. **rubs nun's belly just in case**) only to discover it WAS filled with candy, but nothing I could eat. It contained left over chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate robbin eggs, and my favorite...WHOPPERS! I closed the drawer begrudgingly and sulked off.

I've decided since I'm punishing MYSELF with this caffeine withdrawal experiment, why not also punish YOU??? It's time for more facts and figures about caffeine (because it's all I can do just to steal information from other websites, let alone write my OWN material!):

Caffeine Facts:

1. Caffeine is the world's most popular drug.

2. Both words, caffeine and coffee, are derived from the Arabic word qahweh (pronounced "kahveh" in Turkish).

3. The caffeine content of coffee beans varies according to the species of the coffee plant.

4. Tea leaves contain about 3.5% caffeine, but a cup of tea usually contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee because much less tea than coffee is used during preparation.

5. Caffeine is an ingredient of certain headache pills (30-65 mg).

6. Caffeine taken in beverage form begins to reach all tissues of the body within five minutes.

7. Use of 75-150 mg of caffeine elevates neural activity in many parts of the brain, postpones fatigue, and enhances performance at simple intellectual tasks.

8. A fatal oral dose of caffeine is in excess of 5,000 mg - the equivalent of 40 strong cups of coffee taken in a very short space of time.

9. Regular use of upwards of 350 mg of caffeine a day causes physical dependence on the drug.

10. Over 450,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed in the USA every day!


mdmhvonpa said...

Next time, try to kick a Habib. It's easier because they are not carrying metal rulers about to whack your knuckles.

BTW: I drank 10% of the 450,000,000 cups of coffee myself this morning. The world is moving sooo slowly.



I'm so weak from no caffeine and high-dose sugar, I doubt I'll be kicking anything!

BTW...STARBUCKS called. They're honoring your mega coffee consumption by naming one of their new grand opening stores after you. It's going to be called...well...Starbucks! (or as I fondly refer to them, "Starbutts")


Adina said...

reading your post makes me want more coffee…Kind of like an alcoholic ( a story for another time LOL) working in a liquor store …
.I know too much of it is not good for you ,but after many a cup of coffee I can actually multitask: TV is on, Radio is on, answering e-mails, reading blogs dusting furniture and petting the cat ….LOL can’t be that bad ,no ?? Albeit that over dose bit of info made me think…..WOW never thought you could kill yourself with coffee……( I bet you get a lot acomplish prior to …LOL)



You death wisher, you! Go ahead and down that swirling liquid gold in your cup...it won't kill you "instantly" anyway because most likely it is "brewed"...ARGH! ARGH! Get it? Instant vs. brewed???

OK...it's sadly apparent I NEED caffeine now...LOL