Monday, April 16, 2007

I've Been "Meme'd" By MDMHVONPA...Should I Be Offended?!?...

I have somehow escaped the blog-tagging game called "meme" since I began writing BRAINCHEESE a year ago...whodda thunk I'd get "meme'd" today? On Day Three of the Downsize Me project no less...when I am caffeine free and have mindless WIND blowing through the cracks and crevasses of my mind!!!

But, in the spirit of blog play, I will attempt to respond to the meme, "Why Do You Blog", which you only have Mdmhvonpa to thank! Here's a link to this particular blog meme site if you're interested: . It also looks like I'm supposed to tag 5 other bloggers with this "gem of a game", so I apologize in advance to: - Suzy - Jaime - Zee - Mumma4ever - Michelle

Consider yourself TAGGED, suckers! (Since I don't know how this really works anyway)...

So, without further ado, "WHY DO YOU (I) BLOG?":

1. In the borrowed words (and twisted somewhat) of Rene Descartes, "I BLOG, therefore, I am".

2. Blogging keeps me off the streets and out of the dark heroin and prostitute-infested alleys...I only go to those places now in my job!

3. Freud might say I blog because I have unmet sexual needs and desires, which are fulfilled through egocentric writing and an antisocial belief that I am all that matters...he MIGHT say that anyway.

4. I blog because it is cheaper than alcohol, drugs, batteries, high carbohydrate foods, caffeine, and all other things that bring me great pleasure.

5. And finally, I blog because I believe in the need and right for people to have access to information, especially pertaining to Multiple Sclerosis, which is hopefully delivered in a user-friendly forum of humor, where a sense of belonging and community is established...Whew! Who knew?!?

And yes, I AM still struggling with "Downsize Me"'s the latest results, which I'll post in graph form another day:

Fatigue = 8
Sleep = 4.5
Weight = -.5
B/P = 136/94


adina said...

“Blogging keeps me off the streets and out of the dark heroin and prostitute-infested alleys...I only go to those places now in my job!”
hehe! I like the way your mind works, just like mine !! ( might not be a good thing, I don’t know ?!!LOL!) ….Like my father would say:all the cheap beer he drank so that I can go to good schools and look at me now …

Suzy said...

Oh girl...catching up was fun until THIS ENTRY. LOLOLOL

I will participate....however, I'm not even sure I know why I do half the things I therefore, who knows why the heck I blog???

Miss you!

(loved your reason's why you blog!)



Frankly, I think YOU should be frightened if you see similarities in our thinking...I KNOW my dark side. LOL

I love your father's saying! Can I borrow that?




Well, just do what I did...make some sh!$ up! LOL I'm sure you'll arrive at something entertaining and fun...although, I'm not even sure I DID the meme thang correctly. Got no clue!