Saturday, March 01, 2008

What Are YOU Looking AT?!?...

Every day, approximately 75 to 150 Internet users make their way here to BRAIN CHEESE...some days, like weekends, a few less...some days like Wednesdays, as many as 200 "hits" find there way to this most obscure MS blog site. I am always extremely fascinated WHY anyone would choose to waste precious minutes out of their day to drive by this blog and read the ramblings of a mad woman...and I am certainly intrigued there really ARE more than TWO of you who come here frequently. :-)

As all of you know (and most techno bloggers practice...and I DO like to include myself in the "geeky" crowd), I run a stats program behind the scenes of BRAIN CHEESE and another that has a posted link on the left side's the "in" thing to keep track of one's blog traffic. The stats reveal the IP address of the person peeking at BRAIN CHEESE, where they are located in the world (within a reasonable range), the browser, the resolution of the computer being used, how many times you have returned to BRAIN CHEESE or if it is your first visit, what web page the person came from to get here, what search words were used to "find" BRAIN CHEESE, and so on. Most of you who comment, I KNOW who you are based on the timing of your comment and the timing of the "hit" on the stats page...that's right...I SEE YOU!...right down to what Internet Service Provider you are using to hook up to the Internet. I know if you are dialing up, paying for Comcast, Qwest, Clearwire, Coxnet, etc. I actually KNOW quite a bit about you...which is my only trade off if you read my blog...YOU get to peek into my personal life as I bare my arse to the world by reading this blog while I get a tiny glimpse into yours. Moohahaha...

Some of you are come here at extremely early morning hours even for the East Coast. Some of you come here once and never return. Some of you come here a few times a day to "lurk", but never leave a comment or outward footprint of your visit...that's OK...I don't leave comments on all the blogs I read either because of time constraints and a basic lack of creative thinking. But my "stats" DO tell me you have been here and/or keep coming back. Some of you travel great distances in a matter of seconds from countries all over the world just to take a glimpse inside the vacant brain of "CHEESE".

About 20 - 30 "hits" EVERY day arrive from people doing a Google Search on JESUS CAMP...there...I said the words AGAIN in print (which will only INCREASE the camper's lurking...sigh...). It's because of this post titled, "More Disturbing Images From 'Jesus Camp", which features several snippet pictures from the seems there are a multitude of CAMPERS out there interested in catching a glimpse of a disturbing, seven week old fetus! Get a life people...I had a brief moment of insanity and posted a NON-MS post...but even these "hits" are OK with me really because maybe...just of the CAMPERS will stop and realize this blog is really about Multiple Sclerosis, and they will find something ELSE important to focus on.

People do searches on "whoopie cushions", SNL's "Oops I Crapped My Pants" commercial, "hormones and women", "grinch night", "fornication under consent of the king", "massage school naked", "cheese catch phrases", and a multitude of OTHER rather unusual searches that find their way here, to BRAIN CHEESE...all because during extreme brain farts of posting, I HAVE included some form of these search words or actual posts ABOUT those words IN posts of this blog. And there are the many DRUG COMPANY hits that come here just to check up/spy upon what my current MS drug of choice(s) is...they get included with the above grouping.

Still others are genuinely looking to find their way here about MS. Searches like, "how to lose prednisone moon face", "zyprexa and solumedrol", "how does heat affect MS patients", "MS acting drunk", and "word finding brain" have been just a few of the keyword searches TODAY that have brought people here to BRAIN CHEESE. And there are always those of you who "hit" several times a day on the "110 MS Blogs To Suck Your Time" link on the left side bar, too. People are hungry for information about Multiple Sclerosis and I hope they are able to find something of interest or use when they stop by here. That is, after all, my goal in writing this inform and to entertain...and maybe connect with a few of you regular commentors along the way. You DO feed me as much (and most likely far more) than I feed you here. I feel I have found many a kindred spirit among you and I delight in receiving those wonderful, personal emails you take the time to send me even if you don't usually leave a comment.

I also receive many "unusual" emails from this blog, too. Most of them I never share here as they are sent either to SELL me something that will cure my MS forever, they are the ramblings of what appear to be highly disturbed individuals who have quite obviously found me because of the many mental health posts I make, they are the chastising rants of the JESUS CAMPERS, they are folks wanting me to feature something about THEM on BRAIN CHEESE, or they are simply requests from individuals to read THEIR blogs...which I often do follow up on these requests...the other emails simply go to that big delete bucket in the sky.

Yesterday, I received a rather fascinating email from a Marketing Coordinator regarding a book a well known author has recently written...the author's name is Joel Goldman, and he is a retired lawyer in Kansas City who writes mystery/crime novels. He is launching a new series in his book soon to be out called, "Shakedown", in which he is bringing a new character to the FBI agent, who has recently been diagnosed with a neurological movement disorder...the same disorder the author lives with in his real life. I was asked if I would accept a preprint copy of his book and "review" it here on BRAIN CHEESE.

At first, I balked at this request...after all, neither Mr. Goldman nor his fictitious character have MS. And there IS the basic fact I am about as literate as a kindergartner, who's primary source of reading material comes from scribbles on bathroom walls. Yet still, I remained intrigued by the I researched the author, sent him a personal email, and replied to the Marketing Coordinator with questions on how and why she found my blog (which is the only place to obtain my email address) and would want to make such a request of me? She responded with answers that calmed my curiosity and I agreed to accept the preprint, read it, and review it here. A most unusual thing for me to agree to do as I am not one who EVER chooses to market anything on this blog...all y'all have a search engine on your browser where you can research your OWN marketing don't need to read that crap here (any more than you really need to read ANY of the crap that gets printed here!).

But, I also pull no punches here on this blog (sometimes I try to throw them "kindly", but I don't PULL them!) and I decided if I find the book to be drivel, I will "review" it in that light as well...I'm hoping it is not. I'm hoping it will be something that keeps my gnat-like attention and I will be able to support the work of someone who is a neuro club of the "other" neuro clubs. The preprint is supposed to be sent out on Monday and will hopefully arrive sometime next week...and, thanks to the Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course I took through comics Cheech & Chong (Please? Am I seriously dating myself here by this reference?), I will surely complete the read before the end of the year...sigh...

Day Two of Solumedrol...I THINK I'm still making good sense here, aren't I???...LOL...


Diane J Standiford said...

You are a real snoop! How can I do it? Nah, I'll give my viewers their last bit of dignity (they are on my site, bless their hearts), I am proud to say I come to the cheese daily. I (duh) comment. I look to steal your ideas in format (but can't work my photo shop, so L with it)I try and figure out how you get stuff up on the left (again-duh, finally realized my crap is on right--yours on left...I SAID I hate computers!) (when I say finally, I mean within the last dang few days)
People come to my blog even searchig some word in an old post?? Wow. So now you are a book reviewer! I'll send you a couple. KIDDIN' KIDDIN' Glad the Sol is going well. I would love to know is the CIA is looking at my blog. I looked at their site once and my computer mysteriously never worked again. Hmmm Love the magic ball. (I know I said that already...I need to go to Jesus camp; I covet your ball.)



ALL of these time consuming blog references can be yours! For free...I'm too cheap to pay for any of them. I run Bravenet (a stats counter) openly on CHEESE...if you click on the little link at the near bottom left corner, you'll be taken to their site and can sign up for free. I also run StatCounter behind the scenes...I prefer StatCounters stats over Bravenet because they are more detailed...and free also. The magic crystal ball even has a link at the bottom of the ball where you, too, can add your own version of "the ball" to your blog...changing the colors, the answers it gives, and the size. Please feel free to add it as I would LOVE to ask YOUR ball some questions, too. LOL I know nothing about computers either, but I do pride myself in getting into as much trouble on the Internet as possible... :-)


Tricia said...

I am intrigued by the stats on my blog too. For example someone from India found me last night searching for boob smashing on google. I'm not sure if the post about my annual mammogram was what they had in mind! *snicker* And I have someone who lives less than 50 miles from me who lurks - they check it out 3-5 times a day and have never commented so I often wonder - do they know me?

I love reading your blog. My husband has MS and sometimes what he is thinking is a mystery to me. So maybe reading your blog is helping me understand what he's going through a big more as he doesn't like to complain. He's on Tysabri - had his 2nd dose last week. So far no ill effects but can't say he's getting any better either. :(

Shauna said...

I think the steroids have put you into overdrive...."literate as a kindergartner" you crack me up, darlin'.


Welcome TRICIA:

So nice of you to leave a "footprint" here in comments! And, I just clicked over to YOUR blog and have an odd sense YOUR sense of humor may be right up!!! Nice read over there at Middle Aged Mania...

Oh, and have no fear I now know your IP Addy...I work for the government, but have no use for knowledge outside my mental health jurisdiction in WA state! Moohahaha.... ;-)




Sorry...surely you can understand being a DJ and all (the Shaunana reference) becomes an earworm whenever I see your name in print!!! And at least I DO NOT follow up with the "Bow Ooooo" baritone part following your name. LOL

Truth can hurt, but in this case it's a blessing...I really AM only about as literate as a kindergartner with the attention span of a gnat, so this works out well for me whenever someone wants me to read some trivial crap at work...I usually just pick out a word that has 5 or more letters in the first line and say, "What's this word and what does it mean?"...they leave me alone.



Well, gosh darn Cheese, I thought I was sumpin' special. I got that same email from ms. Anne on Friday too, but I hadn't responded yet cause I been tryin' to clean my messy abode.

I, too, am fascinated by my blog's stats and the visits from pharma and various PR companies, especially those who work for the big PhRMA itself, are always kinda fun. Alot of information can be inferred from the pattern of traffic on a blog.

I extra especially like getting visits from State Department, Federal Trade Commission, PhRMA, Commerce Department, Edelman, Mindlink, Gray Advertising, Ogilvy and Mather, Chicago Tribune, Senate Sargeant at Arms etc., etc., etc.

It's kinda fun to know when you've hit someone's radar screen.

Linda dear, as you already could determine, I come here from Bloglines. I'm always reading if I don't always come onsite to comment.

Have myelin? said...

Only worry when Homeland Security visits.



I think it was your posts about Pharma and the "happy side of MS" that got me thinking about my stats thank you!

Send that Marketing Coordinator your address and get a free book out of the deal to review this author's work...I'm all for anything that's free!




I worry when my coworkers read this crap...they DO have the authority and the power to lock my lil' psychotic ass up for 72 hours...and I just KNOW several of them would jump at the chance!


Virginia Phillips said...

Hate to tell you this but I was also asked to review Joel Goldman's book "Shakedown", and whetherI wanted to interview the author.

Also like you,I Googled his name (as well as "Authors Online") but decided he was well known, and reviewed, enough without me.

Plus, I don't have the time or energy.

Good luck to you though.

Love, Virginia

Steve said...

I'm no longer sure how I stumbled into your little piece of the blogosphere, but I'm glad I did. You are definitely your own breed of cat.

So, if you know so much about me, how many fingers am I holding up right now, and which nostril is it in?

TickledPink said...

Okay, so we all spend about as much time reviewing our stats as we do actually blogging, eh? I'm guilty as charged.

I guess because mine's about a clinical trial I get a LOT of international hits. It's fun to follow their paths back to where they came from and find that they "googled" me in a foreign language.

I had someone from Greece do that the other day and when I followed their "came from" link I was on a Greek version of Google. I had a hard time getting it to go back to English, too. LOL

I love Brain Cheese because you have a fascinating sense of humor and way with words. I'm intrigued and compelled to come here altho I don't always comment.

@ Diane: yes! people will come to your site because of an old post led them to it in a search. I can't tell you how many times my site has been "hit" because of my very first blog entry ever. It's pretty cool.

Keep up the good work Brain! And I hope your solumedrol calms the MS beast for a while.


Blinders Off said...

Jesus Camp is going to declare war on you :)

If people didn't know they know now that you know they are looking...whew that is a lot of knowing.

Did you know your blog is worth $16,371.66? I remember when mine was worth $0.00, I start checking every now and then to find out how much it is worth and I was surprised I am now worth over $10,000. I wonder if we can sell it :)

If your or others are curious, the website to let you know what blogs are worth is:

Miss Chris said...

Hmmm...I don't keep stats on my blog but maybe I should. It might be interesting to know who the lurkers are( if I have any) orit might make me depressed that I don't have too many people checking me out. Checking out my blog, that is.



Do not hate to tell me anything...the Marketing Coordinator actually DID blog searches for disabilities...that's how she got all of our emails/names. I say any time there is a FREE book involved, mail it my way! LOL




Two...and BOTH are in one nostril!!!! Neener...I see you! LMAO




Hello! Yes, I've read your blog as well...was very interested in the study you are doing as it was once a consideration for me. Sorry I don't get around to commenting, but maybe if I can ever remember to add you to my googlereader feed, I'll get ALERTED to your posts! The only way I seem to be able to keep up these days, and not well at that.




LOL Jesus Camp has already DECLARED war on me...a most holy war, I'm sure! LOL




Was that a Freudian slip there?!? ROFLMAO

Actually, I"m pretty sure some of the folks DO come to your blog to check you strut that stuff lady!


natalief said...

Just wondering - do your stats show those of us that read your blog via Google Reader (or some other feed reader) and only actually visit your blog to comment?



Yes, my stats will also tell me you have visited here from GOOGLEREADER (or any other feed) and you don't have to leave a comment for me to know someone has been here. I use a counter imbedded (that you don't see in side bar) called "stat counter", that provides an enormous amount of information about readers (for instance, YOU have visited from London perhaps? Using a Mac? And an ISP called Plusnet Technologies???? And you came from goolereader...)


natalief said...

Ah - I did not make myself clear. I meant, do they tell you if I do not visit here at all (other than when I want to comment, like this time) because I read your blog in a feedreader (GoogleReader in my case)?



OK, now you're starting to WORRY me! LOL

No, statecounter doesn't keep track of that per WILL tell me if you come here via GoggleReader...I don't know if it actually tells whether or not you are simply READING the post via GoogleReader or if you have actually DIRECTED yourself here. It WILL tell me if you have not come here for 24 hours and then return because you become a "unique" visitor. It doesn't tell me your home address, height, weight, bank account information, or if you plan to vote for Hillary or Obama...and I think it SHOULD tell me these things!!!!


natalief said...

LOL I did not mean to worry you and I am glad that it cannot tell you my weight! ;-p