Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tweaking And Adjusting...No, NOT Drugs...CHEESE CHAT!...

The second CheeseChat session today went off without a hitch...CHEESE MENSA MEMBERS (LOL), OhioMamma, Bubbie, and Joan, were among the attendees...sharing their insightful ideas and intelligent notions about art, pharmaceuticals, Huxley projects (I still think that might be a Bill Cosby Show reference, BUBBIE!), travel...oh yeah...AND MS.

After two sessions of CC and getting feedback from users, I decided to try a NEW chat format with ParaChat. It offers WAY too many features that are changeable for users, which BraveNet did not have. It is still a JavaScript product (sorry Jeri...I hope you get that worked out and can join in soon), however, for those of you needing to run Java on your puter to be able to see the screen. It remains FREE (woohoo!), private, and very user-friendly. There are even customizable sounds you can use just for your OWN window (not controlled by me, AKA, the chat dictator), as well as increasing the font size and bolding the font in your open window...something those of us with MS eye issues might thoroughly need and enjoy.

My goal (albeit perhaps a "lofty" one, given my schedule of late) is to try to offer organized chat times twice a week...that's really enough. After all, we certainly don't want to get SICK of each other! You can still sign into the room at any time and organize amongst yourselves to meet there at any time of the day (or night) with someone else. I will most likely only be signing into the room at the scheduled chat times, however. I'm currently trying out Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 10:00AM (Pac Standard Time), but I'm very open to other days and times, too. For instance, once every 7 weeks (due to my work schedule), I will NOT be able to host the chat on a Saturday because I will be out trolling the streets in search of the mentally ill in crisis. So, if we leave the Saturday day for scheduled chat on THAT particular Saturday, I might be asking one of YOU to host that day! **hint, hint**

Off to get ready for work now...happy "hump" day. I'm hoping to "hump" my way through THIS one...

(And yes, that CheeseChat head STILL disturbs I posted it in the sidebar to "disturb" you as well)


Sharon said...

Sorry I missed today. It is beautiful here in IL today. High of 50, so we took advantage and went on a walk with the dogs. I have some time since everyone is off in their own direction for now.
Do we need to sign up somewhere with a username & password like we did before for Cheese Chat?
Havinf an enjoyable Spring break. Talk to you more later

Michelle said...

Hey Cheese, sorry I missed the chat. I have a chat room called Clean Chat for Night Owls that I never enter anymore. I have found that with my cognitive difficulties the chat is just too challenging and confusing. I can't seem to keep up with the conversation. Good Luck though, maybe I'll try it next time.
Stay inspired!
Expand your mind ~ visit Brain Angles

TickledPink said...

I tried, darn it.

I was able to get in with IE, but it was an hour or 2 late. LOL I forgot I had a function at my son's school to attend at the designated chat time.

Nice to know that I can get in with IE, tho, and Saturday's better for me anyhow.

I think I'll post about your chat on my message board. Don't freak out, nobody ever goes there and reads anything anyhow, so I'll be shouting into a cave. :-)

Catch ya Saturday. My Sticky Note is duly amended.

Bubbie said...

you made me get my magnifyer out to see the picture...whores of mensa? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linda - it was 60 degrees here and too nice to stay inside. Catch ya next time!