Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trevis Gleason Outted...Moohahaha...

Most of you CHEESE readers know I have MANY MS blogs on my list of reads...and I DO try to get to all of them...eventually. Some, I read more frequently than others without doing the courteous thing, which is LEAVING A COMMENT...and still some, the authors grow weary I am sure, of what I think at the time are my WITTIEST commenting thoughts!

There is a blog I have been reading almost since the time I was diagnosed, which I only happened to stumble into. It is located at a site called, HEALTHTALK , which I refer to as a "warehousing" site for many health issues. I fell into Trevis Gleason's MS Blog called, "Life With MS", and quickly absorbed his many topics (now 300+ posts as he generally writes for HEALTHTALK M-W-F only). And, in reading his varied posts, discovered he, too, was a local Seattelite (bonus!). If you go to his blog, you will also discover he does the monthly MS podcast series in which he interviews well-known authors, neurologists, health practitioners, writers, etc., from around the U.S. (and possibly the world...I've never really paid attention to locales of guests)...and he also happens to be a recognized "food journalist and published author, an award-winning chef and culinary instructor who has taught at institutions such as Cornell University, New England Culinary Institute and California Culinary Academy (CCA)." (Sorry, Trevis...I stole that line directly from your profile!!)

So...why am I "MS outting" him (sorry if the headline was misleading folks, he's not "gay" to my knowledge...he has multiple sclerosis!!)? Well, first of all, I had the pleasure this summer of meeting this remarkably humorous man because his "Beat The Brae" MS150 tent team was my MS150 tent next door neighbors. I mostly spent my two day affair chatting it up with his girlfriend and meeting his beloved dog, Sadie...Oh, and feeding HIS team my "culinary delights" of pre-formed cookies from store bought dough and mixing margarita's for them! Sadly, I do not recall being fed any of HIS "award-winning" chef concoctions...sigh...LOLThis past month, I happened to note in my stats (those "I see you when you're sleeping and know when you're awake" Santa Claus hits all y'all make when you click on BrainCheese) there were several "hits" coming from his Healthtalk blog...I have to admit, I had become a bit remiss in my reading of his blog over the past several I happened over there to attempt to figure out WHY I was having readers redirected to CHEESE...and I worried "someone" might have taken "something" out of context regarding my multi-MS Society rants of late. After all, Trevis DOES speak at many "Society" events, for which I do NOT hold against him. LOL

I don't often read the side bars of blogs because I simply don't have enough time in my days...this is the area where bloggers (such as myself) put permanent links, blogger information, and a world of other "ideas"...I figure if I've read them ONCE when I first discover the blog, I'm good to go, so to speak...only "updating" my viewing of these side bars when something new catches my eye or I'm directed by the blogger to check something out. Since some time had passed in my reading of Trevis' blog, I decided to view his side bar...and it is here, I discovered he had (obviously recently, given the recent redirects to CHEESE) put up a short list of "Recommended Blog Reads"...BrainCheese was listed at the top of the 5 recommendations (only because the letter "B" comes at the beginning of the alphabet, I am certain!), along with two of my favorite MS reads, Brass And Ivory (listed as "Carnival of Bloggers", hence coming in the "C" section of the alphabet!), and Sunshine And Moonlight .

I don't know if I should be honored or highly "concerned" to be listed as a "Recommended Blog Read" on Trevis' site...I had no idea HE read CHEESE and I seriously worry this might be some kind of REVENGE for what (I'll just say "I") might have "witnessed" happening to his beloved MS150 Team Banner on his tent day 2 of the ride! I know I was secretly BLAMED for this:
And, I know my excuse that Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named DID this blatant destruction of property herself kind of washed out because she wasn't even THERE for the second day of the ride...but I'm just sayin'...why am I always blamed for the mischief?!?
**Moohahahaha laugh heard round the world**...



Hey pretty cool!!

When I discover a new blog, I subscribe to the feed and very often don't even need to return to the site (unless to leave a comment which I should do more often.) That explains why the Carnival has received a few extra hits lately. Hmmm...maybe it needs to be weekly....I don't know....I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

I stop by Trevis every week. He's my news to whatever new is happening. He gets a lot of hits because he is so up to date.

Thanks for sharing his blog with others.


TickledPink said...

I've been reading Trevis for a while now. I'm on HealthTalk's mailing list and so I get a reminder each week to go see what he's written.

How cool that you have met him! And even more awesome that you are on the recommended reading list....gotta go now...heading over to see if I'm on the list. LOL (fat chance, I know, just kidding).

I still love you, Trevor, even so.

Michelle said...

I have been visiting Trevis's blog for quite awhile now. Sorry to say, but I believe his dear dog 'Sadie' passed on. That's great that you met him. And, I truly believe you didn't pocket his 'e', though you'll have a hard time convincing anyone else with that evil laugh! Hope you're on the upswing with your infusion.

Oh, by the way. You've created a monster. I am now learning to quilt. Both my hubby and my mom were in stitches as I told them this. Gee, what little faith they have in my abilities. So what, just because I can't sew, don't own a sewing machine and my hands don't work right is no reason not to try. lol

Stay inspired!
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Shauna said...

I think Trevis' blog was the first one I really checked out and keep going back to.

You guys had margaritas? Cool. I'll suggest it to the team though they'll probably make me save it for after the ride.


Tricia said...

Now I need to go read his blog! :) I assume you are known for mischief which is why people think of you first? It's a good thing!

p.s. if you want to do some random pointless meme - you've been tagged!

Steve said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But when is the chat???

Trevis said...

Keep your friends close, and Brain Cheese closer; that's what I always say, Luv!
Thanks for the "outing", I guess that's payback, no? Sadie, is alive and oh, so very well, for Michelle's info. I posted a blog about the death of my cat, Cleo a few months ago.
I enjoy you humor my dear, that's why I've posted a link. I'm a firm believer in "If I didn't laugh, I'd cry" You make us all laugh, you're in the "business", and we don't always share the same views. What better reasons to let people know about a great blog?