Saturday, March 22, 2008

And Then There Were Three...

Results of the first CHEESE CHAT session are in (if you are reading this now, you've miscalculated your time zone...sorry...the room is vacant!). All TWO of my blog readers showed up!!!! Woohoo! Just as I predicted...LOL

Anne and Sharon, thanks for the chat and entertainment...we'll just have to see if the "room" works out and if anyone is so inclined to use it. For me, I have to pencil in a time to sit down at the best with my crazy work/life schedule. And yes, the ads for BraveNet are a bit much, but the room is "free" through them (and you know how I love "free"!).

For those of you just tuning in (and wondering what tangent I have gone off on), I have added a "chat room" to CHEESE right up there in the left hand corner of the information's a private chat room, so generally speaking, only those that know about it from CHEESE have access to it. I am scheduling times for people to join in chat if they'd like (and trying to keep the times convenient for the mult-time-zoned peeps). The goal is NOT so much to talk about MS (although we WILL!), but to connect people of a like mind with one another who happen to have been drawn together BECAUSE of their MS. Another goal is to provide a "safe" format for talk, questions, thoughts, beliefs (MS related or not), in a less chaotic room than some of the bigger MS chat sites such as MS WORLD. If you are interested, you are WELCOME here. The only rule that applies to conversation is, "DO AS YOU WILL, BUT HARM NONE"...which is the Golden Rule of thumb for BRAINCHEESE. And I know we can all play nice...LOL You ARE welcome to use the room at unposted times also if you just want to "chat" with someone privately. You'll have to arrange a time to meet them via email or other form of communication, however, so they know you want to chat with them... scheduled chat time is:
Wednesday, March 26th, 10:00AM Pacific Standard Time
(remember to do your time zone math!)


Anonymous said...

Glad to be part of your FIRST chat session. Gee,,, does that earn me a place on the dedication plaque?!!

Good forum, peeps - so be there as your schedules allow.

Shauna said...

Hanging my head in shame...we went to Mom and Dad's with a movie for my dad...completely forgot about the chat until 3:10 when I asked the Wookie what time it sorry.....


Steve said...

Oh dammit!!! I forgot!!! Man, I am sad. So very... very sad! :)

TickledPink said...

Peeking between my fingers to see if you're gonna swat me. I really did mean to be here and it would have been so much more fun than pulling weeds with that nagging "what was I supposed to do today?" thought running through my head.

I could have said something stupid in real time instead of after the fact.

New date is duly (sticky) noted.