Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Steroidally Challenged...

Hateful, but beloved (LOL) Tricia over at Middle Age Mania (who's husband has Multiple Sclerosis) tagged me with another Meme...and, since I have the attention span of a crazed gnat, I've decided to play. It beats trying to formulate coherent sentences at the moment! Here we go:

Four films I’d watch again:

1. Silence Of The Lambs (because I didn't CRAP MY PANTS ENOUGH IN FEAR the first time I saw it!)

2. Wayne's World...Wait! I've already seen it 8 times.

3. Fargo (gotta love those Midwestern accents)

4. Sybil (only because I don't think Sally Fields WAS acting!)

Four places I’ve lived:

1. My mother's womb...until she kicked me out!

2. Nebraska

3. Texas

4. Washington (specifics of 2-4 not provided to avoid extradition)

Four TV shows I watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy

2. Criminal Minds

3. Dexter

4. Numbers (sense a theme here in these shows???)

Four things to eat:

1. Spaghetti O's

2. Grilled cheese sandwich

3. Cold pizza

4. Anything that doesn't eat me first!

Four places I'd rather be:

1. My asleep for ten hours. Yeah, like THAT will ever happen!

2. My mother's womb...did I mention she kicked me out already???

3. Jail...I've been told by patients the food really isn't that bad and the boarding is free!

4. Hell...I imagine it's quieter there and besides, no one would EVER think to look for me there! **blushes innocently**

Four people to tag:

Puleeze! I love y'all too much to do that (Tricia???). But if I must to "play nice"...

1. Joan at A Short In The Cord ...because she doesn't have ENOUGH to do with her remodeling project under foot!

2. Blindbeard at Blindbeard's Multiple Sclerosis Blog . Can't WAIT to read your twisted answers!

3. Sherry at Word Salads, The Demyelination Of Me . Because you've just been too DAYUMED quiet these days! You OK?

4. MDMHVONPA at White Lightening Axiom: Redux . Because I fear you are dead as you have not posted in like a gazillion years. And if you are NOT dead and can still type your answers by blowing through a straw, I know you won't be able to pass up this challenge, my friend. (Please let us know you are alive, Mkay? Seriously...)


Tricia said...

Hey I did say (if they want to do it) so you were not obligated! :)

As for your TV shows Grey's doesn't seem to fit! :) I LOVE Dexter! I just started watching it now that it's on CBS but I'm hooked for sure. I loved that actor on Six Feet Under (which I watched on DVD) no premium channels for me! :)

I love SpaghettiO's too. They remind me of college. Some people think they are gross but I LOVE them. LOL

Miss Chris said...

MDMHVONPA better answer your challenge. At least we'll know he's still among the living...

The People History said...

hi linda have not popped out to your blog for a while , sorry to hear about all the lights coming on in the old noggin , hope your coping ok have to agree with 2 of your tv choices
Criminal Minds

I also like NCIS i like the mix and bored to death with to many CSI's over the years

also pretty close to similar tastes in movies

look after yourself