Saturday, March 08, 2008

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends...

Who SANG that song anyway? Suppose I could "google" it if I really wanted to any rate, the catchy tune, "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends", has now grown into a serious earworm today. I can't seem to get the song out of my head OR replace it with another!

I imagine the song is (now tormenting me) running through my mind because it is TRUE...I HAVE been getting by with a little help from my friends...actually, a LOT of help. :-) It has been a very difficult go of it being trapped at home in this relapse and, if it weren't for the kindness of my friends, I'd surely have become one of my OWN patients right now! I had a wonderful visit this past week from a previous boss (already mentioned that in another post I think...but here's a pretty picture of some tulips she brought me):
Then on Thursday, I had a most delightful visit from my favorite 3 year old and her of my coworkers who has adopted as a single mom. We colored, tormented the cat (paybacks are hell, Meha! Moohahaha), she danced, and we basically had a great 3 year old time until her mother's feline allergies kicked in full force and it was time to leave to breathe. These flowers came with young Gracie:
And to round off my Thursday, I had an afternoon visit from "T"...otherwise known as "my dawg"...yet another dear friend and coworker (still friends even AFTER I broke her knee last year during a self-defense training!). She brought a most lovely apple pastry, which barely touched the plate before it hit my gullet.

On Friday, I did (somewhat foolishly...hindsight is a wonderful thing) return to work for 9 1/2 hours...but even THIS was tempered by Saint EB (who also visited earlier in the week, brought tulips, but I "forgot" to take a photo of them! Fifty lashes for me...), who took me under her broad wings and put me on a "special project" assignment...I sorted and threw out 30 years of CRAP from the office files and rather enjoyed myself until I hit the proverbial wall around 3:30PM. At exactly 3:30PM, my walls began closing in and I had breathed in as much 30 year old dust as I could possibly take...I still had 3 more hours left in my time at work, so I managed to complete a few other less "tedious" tasks, read my office email, and punch out on the clock in time to leave...two coworkers escorted me to work and took me home from work, so the only distance walking I had to do was to and from a parking garage. I got home and immediately CRASHED on the couch dead to the world.

Today, Saturday, was a beginning rainy day here (of course I was UP at 3:00AM when it WAS raining...sigh...steroid insomnia still), which melted into a cool, spring-like afternoon...full of sunshine and dryness. Here's a photo of my daffodils just to prove it WAS beautiful here:

And now, it's time for myself and the tormented cat to lay down and try to snooze again...must reserve as much energy as I can muster to deal with the "springing forward" of Daylight Savings Time tonight...personally, I prefer to "fall backward", but no one consulted me on THIS one...


Tricia said...

I'm with you Daylight Savings Time. I won't mind in the evening when it's still light as I drive home but I am going to HATE it in the mornings.

So I did a bunch of reading today on Tysabri - seems like people are starting to show improvement around 4-6 doses? Hubby has only had 2 - so far I can say he seems to have less headaches and definitely less fatigue but both of those things could have been caused by the Betaserone so not sure we can attribute that to starting Tysabri or stopping Betaserone? But some impressive results on patients in Europe (where it stayed on the market) who are actually showing regrowth of mylein after 24+ infusions.

Anyway positive news regarding the treatment of MS really perks me up. Hubby really seemed hopeful to hear it all that maybe he will regain some of his lost balance.

Were you the one diagnosed on tax day? Hubby was diagnosed on tax day 1997!

Well gotta go! I wish you good rest even though you must spring ahead.



Hey! Good news I guess then about the hubby's Tysabri! I need to get over to your blog to see what you've decided on that big promotion...and yes, I WAS diagnosed on tax day 2003 just like your hubby in 1997. I do believe it is a government tell him that!


Steve said...

I think that was sung by a guy named Ringo Starr... who REALLY hit it big after he outgrew the garage band he started out with.



Dude! You're dating yourself now...snicker, snicker...


Diane J Standiford said...

Myelin regrowth can happen without drugs during initial years, mine did. They couldn't explain it then, nor now. I'm curious how they test now for "myelin regrowth?"



I'm sure it involves something very painful...LOL