Thursday, August 09, 2007

An Inspiration...

Check out these guys . I first heard about the Bike The US For MS locally here in Seattle on one of the area TV news stations. Four boys (OK, really young men...but I AM old enough to be their mother!) setting out to ride across the United States (4,000+ miles) to raise $100,000 for Multiple Sclerosis. They just left this past week and are journeying across the upper state of Washington currently.

The Quartet is raising money from their ride to go to research at Partners MS Center , an affiliate of Harvard University. Their website says they chose to donate to this particular organization because they felt so inspired by the research work being done there. I am inspired to "put the word out" about their ride because of this particular young man. Read his profile...his mother has had MS for the past 23 years and he is riding for her.

Spread the word...and if you LIVE somewhere along their route , I'm sure they would enjoy an email invitation for a meal and/or a hot shower! They are riding WITHOUT a support vehicle and camping on the roadsides. The "boys" are also writing an entertaining blog along the way.

Such heroes...MY heroes anyway...

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