Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chaos And Pain. A Lethal Combination...

My work office has moved down the street to a fancy, new building. A new place, new parking, new procedures, new protocols. *NEW* currently = CHAOS. Our section of the floor we are now housed on is filled with a sea of orange moving crates...some unpacked, some have "mystery" contents...some appear to be ticking, which is most disturbing! LOL

Saint EB, the mastermind behind our move and backbone of the office has somehow kept her poise and dignity throughout this entire event. I observed her today managing, organizing, struggling with stupid questions being asked of her...she is DEFINITELY a role model.

I, on the other hand, am NOT role model material. LOL Generally I *fear* change (quote from 'Wayne's World, the movie)...any change...all change. I like my world to remain status quo. But on rare occasions, I CAN be flexible and adaptable, too. This particular move/event has not been one I am flexing with, however...I have become snarky and sullen (most attractive!) as well as irritable. I am not dealing well with this change.

It is very hard to be upbeat and positive when in pain. There...I said it. Yes, I AM blaming my recent mood on the pain I am experiencing in my left leg and foot! I AM blaming MS...like THAT'S a surprise. But I really DO think I'd be dealing with the chaos around me in more productive ways if I weren't experiencing CONSTANT pain right now. Oh, and also if the act of simply WALKING weren't such a struggle...call me crazy, but life is much easier to navigate with TWO feet/legs that work.

My last email exchange with Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named occurred late Sunday night...she's ordering steroids...she's most likely weary from my complaints. LOL Heck, even I am weary from my own complaints! It's such a toss up right now as BOTH relapse and steroids are an inconvenience to me (I am never pleased it seems).

This recent bout of mobility problems is wearing me down as I try to continue to remain productive at work (did I mention IN PAIN?!?), but a round of IV steroids "could" render me incapacitated as well (or naked and running down the street!). I've never tried to "work through" three days of roids on board before, but I feel like I MUST continue to try to be at work if at all possible because our recent move has been so taxing on our infrastructure. My thumb has been worn down from flipping a coin and trying to decide what would be "best" to do...what I NEED to do at this point.

I am hoping to hear back from Dr. SWWNBN tomorrow as she returns to her office in the flesh...I need a clearer itinerary of her plans for me. I also really need some sign this combination of chaos and pain will be relenting soon...short of cutting off my left leg or just calling in dead/quitting my job, I'm not sure what other options I have besides steroids and time? Well, there IS that lottery ticket option, too...LOL

Off to bed now to try and dream of my "happy place"...


Sara said...

hope your feeling better today!

pb said...

The last time I worked on roids, my coworkers gave me a hit-list and let me loose.

But after three days of Solumedrol drip and working, we all gave up.

That was two years ago and there are still workers in advertising that scatter when they see me limp down the stairs.

mdmhvonpa said...

"I, on the other hand, am NOT role model material."

Aw, don't sell yourself short! Curmudgeons around the world look up to people like us. I mean, who else could look at a pot of gold and complain that it's half empty AND fails to shine as brightly as expected. ;P

Steve said...

Ahhh... sorry you're living in turmoil right now. But for what it's worth, you rose several notches in my book by quoting Wayne's World.

"I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored."

Adina said...

feel better sister!!!it's an order !
did you ever try ldn ?? it might make you a bit better....myself, i like it.

Miss Chris said...

To quote one of my favorite words from you..."Dayum!" Just think though, if you actually did go running down the street naked...at least your leg would be feeling better!



Thank you, thank you! What's happening across the pond since your return to GB? I hope you are also "well"...those airline flights can really mess up the immune defenses...




OMG! I can soooo relate...and I'm not proud of that fact, either...mildly amused by it, but certainly NOT proud. LOL




My now deceased friend, Rodney (known for his quotable quotes) used to always refer to himself as a "pompous doormat", being in control of his destiny...He'd say, "Don't step on me there, step on me HERE!"

Oddly, I think you two might have been able to relate...LOL




All I can say to that is, "SCHAWING!!!" LMAO




You, my dear, are a trouble maker!!! LOL I actually have to reign in some of my warped personal stories, such as steroidal intoxication, for fear some of my "constituents" might get wind of my propensity to be AMONG my people!!!




Ah, no...(sheepishly shying away from LDN comment)

But hey, I've been known to eat M&M's off the floor, so why not?!? LOL (Haven't taken the time to research it enough to know about LDN)

LD(no "n")