Friday, November 02, 2007

Vote For OUR MS Celebrity Bloggers...

If you haven't heard of the "Blogger's Choice Awards", let me take a quick moment to introduce you now.

It is a website devoted just to bloggers...of a wide variety of topics...where readers can go and VOTE for their favorite bloggers. We among the MS community (or at least among those that I personally read) have TWO wonderful bloggers listed on this site: Bubbie of Bubbie's Blog and Zee of Behind Blue Eyes , and they are listed under Best Health Blogs.

Unfortunately, the 2007 Awards Vote is already closed...but why not start the 2008 voting out with an MS bang? Go here and sign up to vote, then cast your vote for 2008 (and you CAN vote for both Zee and Bubbie, too) would be a wonderful thing to have a Multiple Sclerosis blogger nominated for this award in 2008, doncha think? MSers can use all the press we can find to get the "word" out about this disease...and BOTH of these bloggers have wonderful and witty things to say!

I've also noticed a high volume of "traffic" on BrainCheese lately regarding the "102 MS Blogs" link on my left side bar...I'm really pleased to see this link is being so widely used (and I will refrain from calling any of you driving by to this link as "lurkers"...LOL). I hope those of you "driving by" to click the link will also take the time to hit the Blogger's Choice Awards site after you've had a chance to READ the bloggers mentioned above...there ARE certainly a lot of you searching the 102 blogs I have listed! And if you've run across OTHER MS bloggers I should add to the 102 list, please leave a comment or send an email with their link so I can expand this list even further!

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