Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear...Snow, That Is...

Yup...forecasters are predicting SNOW again in my fair, emerald city. It certainly feels COLD enough outside to snow these days! It is supposed to get down in the 20's by Friday evening and...well, it ALWAYS rains here (myth #1), so there will obviously be plenty of sky-falling precipitation to freeze into precious, little flakes. Add those precious, little flakes to the ginormous flakes behind the wheel of cars and my fine, but hilly city turns into a winter nightmare...and just my luck...I get to go to WORK this weekend (adding one more ginormous "flake" behind the wheel of a car!).

I really can't complain about the Northwest weather so far this year. As you may recall (or if you can't remember, but wish you could, go here and

here ) LAST year's fall and winter weather gave me MUCH to complain about..we had flooding that would make Noah worry about the sea-worthiness of his ark and winds that could only be described as SENT FROM HELL!

I am sitting at my computer right now with a space heater blowing dry, skin-chapping wind on me just to warm my frozen feet. I don't know why it is THIS year I seem to be much less tolerant of the cold...I've always been warm-blooded, but for some reason, I can't seem to get warm and STAY warm. I find myself walking around my home with blankets bundled around me (YES! I DO have my heat on blasting electric bill will most likely cause me to sell a kidney just to pay for this comfort.) and my indoor thermometer says it is 70 degrees inside (I look like Nanook of the North!). I even moved it around the room just to make sure it wasn't broken AND set it near the front door to "test" it's ability to read colder weather...seems to be reading just fine. The common cold denominator is ME.

I don't know if the Novantrone is causing me to feel cooler this year or if my intolerance for the cold is some strange aging process. I AM carrying the same amount of insulating BODY FAT I had on me last year...THIS cover should have me looking like Richard Simmon's Sweatin' To The Oldies every time I exert ANY physical activity, but I remain chilled to the bone...not a drop of sweat beads on my forehead. And if it did, I'd be worried it might turn into a tiny icicle!

I've also noticed with this cold intolerance/feeling cold all the time comes a new and improved muscle my joints and muscles are just too cold to move about the hut. I've been hitting the Baclofen again just to be able to sleep through the night and not wake up in a tight, banded board. Once I get moving again, the incredible stiffness does seem to the moral of the story is to keep MOVING, I guess. LOL

And for all of you medical prognosicators who (like me) simply PLAY a doctor on the Internet, NO...I am not sick or coming down with something. I am not having chills nor do I have a fever. I'm just DAYUMED COLD! Very, very dayumed cold and I have been for several weeks now. What gives?!? (And NOW you may diagnose freely)

Has my body suddenly become living proof of global warming on a microcosmic level? Has the "ice" around my heart (formed from glacial movement of my brain and causing cynicism) spread to my Nether regions? Have I lost so many brain cells to MS I am no longer "rubbing them together" and creating warming friction? Has my cat suddenly discovered a way to not only try to suck my will to live, but also suck my body heat? Has Seattle Public Utilities launched a covert operation to pump COLD air into the homes of a million people in order to force them to run up massive electric bills? Has the distance between my FEET and my HEART increased significantly to cause a cooling of blood flow before it reaches my toes?

I don't tell amongst yourselves and get back to me on this one.


Sharon said...

I have been like that for a couple years now. I'm usually waiting until late December to even put on a winter coat. Now I always have super thick socks on my feet and could probably wear gloves in the house. I told Chris in her blog my brother got me a heated pas for the bed. I turn it on 20 minutes before I go to sleep. Climb into bed and it is the best. I think it does have something to do with ms, either that or we are just.........
no comment!

Diane J Standiford said...

OK, you asked for it, and I did first talk among my selves, er I mean elves,um..shelves, look, I'm all alone ok, on with it: Seattle Public Utilities does not provide your electricity, City Light does. And I guarantee you will not be the only one who thinks they are out to make you turn up the heat.
You are too funny to be cold inside, soo, I am sorry to tell you this but yes, it is the cat.
Based on the info you provided--cat. I say this after working for city light for 18 years, cats will run up your water bill(by flushing when you are not home) and they will turn your heat down,crack open your doors and windows, and yes,suck the heat out of your remaining brain cells. I am cat free, sitting in shorts, short sleeve shirt,gazing at snow capped Olympics,perfectly comfortable. Cat. Threaten to strap on some deer antlers and cat will settle down.

Diane J Standiford said...

Sharon, you live near Chicago, it is in the 20s right now! If you were NOT old,opps,Freudian slip(?) COLD then you should worry.(I'm a native Hoosier,50'BELOW when I moved out here...I feel your pain. (plus I'm old, no slip) In Seattle we are spoiled.

adina said...

I do have this psychotic relationship with heat and cold…I am either freezing or boiling . My partner is terrified of me . He lives and sleeps in a complete state of terror. His arm jerks uncontrollably trying to control the thermostat and please the out of control middle aged medusa that I’ve become … Eh, what can I say , he pledged his love and devotion for better or worse , it’s his problem now…LOL
Try a heating pad . I like it in bed or just around my feet when I am sitting in the armchair and my feet are frozen solid .

Anonymous said...

I can't sympathize, sorry.

Being menopausal, cool to cold actually feels good to me. Remember, I'm the girl who won't let hubby take the a/c outta the bedroom until Halloween (night!!).

We have propane heat here. Very effective for us. I turn it down when they are all out of the house and they turn it up when they come home.

Here's the solution I came up with to their constant "cold" complaints, especially when temps go in the 20's.

For sitting at the computer, or just sitting up in general, try The Snuggler (electric). It is like an electric blanket, except smaller with sleeves. Very safe.

We invested in those and just last week, Big Lots had on sale for $10 throw blankets with an electric thermostat on it.

Well worth the $10. The boys here have actually stopped complaining about the coldness.

Stay warm,

Suzy at said...

Sheeeeeesh.....has it been that DAYUMED long since I've left a message on your blog that I don't even recognize how to do it?

What's up with the underlined red lines in my comment? Does that signify I've typed in er....I mean, in error? (the last er was red, so I thought I best correct it my-selves...or me, my self and I...or whomever it might be in this shell I call a body)

I have no one to talk I thought I'd just talk amongst your comment box and while I'm at it, let you know that it was NEGATIVE 4 degree's here this morning. Ugh. I'm so not up for winter yet and I see your not either! =)

Whoo Hooo...go us!

Miss ya!

Suzy at said...

Oops...forgot to mention it...

My nose is so dayumed cold. What do you think could be up with that?

Luv ya! =)

Miss Chris said...

I wouldn't put anything past those power companies! I think they have a hidden agenda to freeze your little tootsies off.