Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Needing Support...

I'm in a bad way right now...still dealing with this constant "non-vertigo" dizziness, nausea, and's been a week now that I have been suffering through this and, frankly, I'm growing quite weary, physically and emotionally. I'm not generally one who can move myself to ASK for help with's just my fierce, independent nature...and I feel quite humbled to even be typing this. I am reminded of that old AT&T commercial of "reach out and touch someone" by asking for such...but I could truly use some kind support these days.

I'm asking you to please be my *bra* for a bit...after all, we ALL know the Playtex bra commercial saying of "support can be beautiful" has far more implied meaning than the phone company...



Webster said...

Sweetie, you need a bra that offers more support than that one you have pictured. There are some nice ones by Maidenform that I've seen advertised on TV lately. Or you could go to Nordy's and get one of their Industrial Strength bras that will have the girls standing at attention whether they feel like it or not, and all for the cost of a mere $70.

I'm so sorry you're feeling this icky. Life is not being fair to you at all.

I was wondering if there were withdrawal issues with Tysabri, but it seems a little late for that! Have you told SWWNBN that you're drug free yet?

Get Well Soon, Dang it!

Webster said...

P.S. I did realize you weren't thinking about "that" kind of support. ;-)

Bubbie said...

Dearest Ms.Cheese,
I'm so sorry you have been so unwell. The frustrating part is that there seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of it.
While racking what's left of my brain, the only time I had such symptoms close to the degree you are experiencing was before my now questionable MS diagnosis. My first of 4 lp's was negative for those O Band thingies (they all were) but extremely high in big fat macrophages. I had aseptic meningitis. - It's the only medical type thought I have, but on a personal note: you should know how much your help and support has helped not only me, but I'm sure countless others in the blogoshere. You are not just a virtual friend, you have been a true one, lending support, knowledge and a dose of my kind of twisted humor to this crap we call life with chronic CNS disease. I bow to The Cheese, and wish you speedy recovery back to something closer to "normalcy".
Get back to those doctors that work for YOU and squeek a little louder. This is unacceptable! We need our Cheese!

Blindbeard said...

Wish I had more support to offer, but I feel like a hunch back with a possible kidney infection brewing in my back right now. The best support I can give is, "Damnit, you WILL get better because I don't want to have to come up there and smack your MS around!" I feel better already...

TickledPink said...

Geeze, I go and leave you alone for a couple weeks and all heck breaks loose. Can't I leave you alone for a minute?? Just look at this mess! And how does that goose egg feel, Missy??!

I hope you've learned your lesson, young lady.

I also hope you feel better real soon. I'm so sorry you are spinning out of control.

Maybe you have some kind of dizzy bug? You know, a flu sort of thing whose main symptom is making your head spin ad nauseum? (pun intended).

((((hugs sistah))))

Get well soon. And if you can fill that contraption in that picture, well, all I can say is ...

you're a bigger woman than I. :-)

Jen said...

Hey Linda---

I could go on and on. Probably will. First: a very brilliant ER doctor---of course a woman--- came to my bedside a few years ago when my naive primary thought I had a kidney infection (excrutiating pain) and sent me there over the weekend. She told me a little addage they learned in medical school. Maybe you've heard it yourself: When you hear hoofbeats, think horse. Not zebra. I'm no doctor, but I've been poked and prodded for more MS crap that appeared to be something else. Also, I think a lot of folks use 'vertigo' and 'dizziness' interchangeably. I do. Yeah, the dizziness that happens when the room is NOT spinning. I've had the sensation of bugs moving around in my head and feeling like it's vibrating when I put it down on the pillow (in time with the buzzing air conditioner.) Also waking in the night because I'm dreaming that I'm rapidly spinning down to earth (how the hell does it get into dreamland anyway?) And the classic 'drunken sailor walk' that usually happens late at night. Dizziness and vertigo.

As for being a stubborn stalwart: I have held a job and been fiercely independent since I was 12 (local papergirl/entrepreneur.)I cannot stand taking money or needed comfort from others. SSDI has been one humbling experience. I don't write a great deal about the inner workings of my mind on my site (or at my journal) because I have wrapped myself so tightly that the emotions are buried somewhere safely within. But when I'm really a mess--- and it's coming again REAL soon--- I know that I can count on a core group of people that I trust. Including yourself. So now trust that I and others here will allow you to be vulnerable and YOUR true self. Which is very lovely indeed.


Susan said...

Linda, it sounds horrible what you're experiencing. I have not had that combo of symptoms with my MS, which I've had for 20 years.
Please get yourself and home checked out for CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning...the triad of fatigue, nausea and dizziness you have any headaches?
Also, a MUGA scan is much more accurate for determining the ejection efficiency of the heart, much better than an echo. I've had Novantrone in the past, too.
One more thing I would mention is has an inner ear problem been ruled out?
Keeping you in my positive thoughts and wishing you well soon! hugs to you...Susan

Miss Chris said...

I wish you were feeling better :(

Denver Refashionista said...

Hang in there. We are here for you. Are they going to give you steroids? The last time I felt like you do I did a taper and got better. Either way, I hope you feel better soon.


Ok Missy, you've got to be vulnerable at least some of the time. This is YOUR time. You've been there for many of us on many occasions.

I wonder, did you get my email? Were those thoughts things which were ruled out? And no matter what is going on, are they going to try to throw some steroids at it?

Wish we could make it all better!!! If nothing else, maybe a trip to the E.R. where Dr. House resides...... Perhaps the medical detectives can find out what's going on.

And, hey, I help pay for your federally-provided medical coverage. You better take full advantage of that, ya here?!

Cathy said...

The cure all for everything is a nice cup of Hot chocolate.
Did I mention you have to add Bailey's?

Feel better!

Kate said...

Sorry to see you're not feeling great. Have you ruled out an inner ear infection/labyrinthitis? That can cause several of your symptoms and I'm not sure that any of the tests they ran on you would rule this in/out.

Hope you feel better soon and that you are able to get some in-person support from local friends.