Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Alarmingly Large Gonads...

...will be checked via ultrasound on Friday.

I repeat: The Alarmingly Large Gonads will be checked via ultrasound on Friday.

I don't know...that word "gonad" just sounds more removed from my personal space than "ovarian cysts". Sort of like "gonad" could be my neighbor next door...I know he/she is there, but that's about all...it's nothing personal, just my neighbor.

I finally reached my ARNP today who, not unlike me, voiced concern I was not given an ultrasound while in that *wrong hospital* I was admitted to this weekend by Doogette Howser, MD! She also assured me I was NOT over-reacting with histrionic alarm, given my recent bout of strange symptoms. She's a little concerned about my pain level and waiting until Friday to complete the test, but I assured her I would seek immediate treatment if anything changed dramatically in the next 72 hours.

I return to work in the morning...wish me luck. I DO hope no one comments about my ovaries/gonads making my butt look too big...


Webster said...

Oh no, they couldn't possibly make your butt look big. Due to their location, if anything, they would make your butt look smaller!

I hope all goes well with your ultrasound, and with your return to work.

Shauna said...

I, too, am hoping things go well. As you know, I had my own round of ovarian activity last year, and I know it's not fun thinking about stuff.
Virtual hugs and good vibes being sent from the Great White North.


Sara said...

good luck with going back to work - hope you're feeling somewhat better!

Kelley said...

Sending positive ultrasound vibes from OK. I hope your day at work is tolerable.

BTW, did you catch Montel on Oprah yesterday? Would love to know your thoughts!


Denver Refashionista said...

Gonads eh? Good luck at work tomorrow. I hope everything goes ok.

Miss Chris said...

I hope you can get an answer to this problem. But knowing how doctors are, I wouldn't be holding my breath. Can you tell I'm not too thrilled with that profession at the moment?