Friday, October 05, 2007

Steroid Dust Storm 2007...

I wish I could report SOMETHING productive or, at the very least, fascinating here on CHEESE today...but, if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, THIS one says it all:
Yep, it's a Steroid Dust Storm raging its way through my brain right now!

The worst thing about being on roids for me is, I have all of this "busy" energy, both mental AND physical, and NO FRIGGIN' ability to focus my new-found life force into ANYTHING remotely productive! Ideas fly by at warp speed...GOOD ones, too (or at least in my manic mind it "sounds" like a good idea to climb up on the roof and clean out the gutters in the wind and rain?!?)...and like the steel ball in a pinball machine, I bounce from bumper to bumper on these thoughts without any magnet to make them stick to me! Consequently, even the most BASIC of ideas/thoughts/deeds that NEED to be done (like bathing, for instance) just fly by without sticking to the little cognitive receptors in my brain and sending me signals to place one foot in front of the other and "DO".

I am also tipping the grain elevator scale right now (sorry, grew up on a farm and once had a cousin who weighed over 500 pounds and the only place that had a scale serious enough to weigh him WAS the grain elevator! I REALLY don't weigh THAT much, but thought you could benefit from the visual. LMAO) with my recent steroid 9 gi-normous pound weight gain...somehow in my brain dust storm, I am STILL managing to find food and shove it in my face...also at warp speed!

I HAVE made an executive decision that, just as soon as I post this, I WILL go in and strip the sheets off my bed to wash them...since I'm spending so little time IN them right now with steroid insomnia! (Gawd, I really hope I can remember to do this when I get up...)

So, what's happening in YOUR worlds today? I really DO appreciate all the comments and emails all y'all have been sending to occupy my ADHD time...I can only live vicariously through YOUR lives at the moment! And at least YOU have something interesting to say!

Now...what was it I just said I planned to do? Oh yeah...go strip the sheets off my bed! WAIT!!!!! LOOK!!!! There's a chicken...

**running wildly after the chicken now**...


Bubbie said...

That's so funny..only because you've explained exactly how I have felt. So busy with my brain yet nothing gets done...I flitter the day away. And it's been weeks since I main-lined steroids.
I see a theme here with your visuals...Kansas/dust storms/OZ? I have a history with the story of the wizard of Oz I'll have to share with you someday. Personally I thought Glinda was the real bitch of the story. She knew all along that all Dorothy had to do was click the heels on those damned slippers. The flying monkeys should have taken her out.


"Issues" grappling with the idea of "God", are we? LMAO

Yes, The Wizard of OZ IS one of the oldest biblical tails retold to mankind...


Miss Chris said...

Gee, I wish I had some ramblings that could occupy some of your mind right now. Hmmm...if I have a light-bulb moment I'll send it your way, but for right now, I got nuttin'...



What I'd GIVE to have a void mind right now! I guess we're both dreaming of the unlikely at the same moment in time...LOL


Peej said...

My brain is also toast... it's just been too hot lately for anything to stick so I do understand your situation.

ROFL! Glinda as the evil witch of the story... Bubbie, we think too much alike -- the world isn't ready for that. ;)

I think we found another apartment last night. We weren't looking for one but it appeared and it seems good so we're seriously considering it. My wallet would appreciate it if nothing else. :)

Harkoo? My computer swears that there is no such URL on the entire internet. It could be lying to me but I have to ask myself "why"? :)

Can you repost it? Maybe it got screwed up?



A new apartment?!? But what WILL you do without the Mexican music blast next door???? LOL

I'm not sure HARKOO saw this comment, so I left her another and I'll also email her your's that for overachieving?!?

Yes, BUBBIE is a've surely checked out her blog?


Peej said...

I'll miss the Tejano for sure but my waistline won't miss the wonderful smells coming off the grills there. It's so hard to diet when your nose works... :)

Thanks for nudging Harkoo for me. Yes, I got the email and you're welcome to give her (?) mine as well. Actually, I thought that if you clicked on a posters name you'd automatically get email... hmmm.

off to make another cup of tea. Seems one more oddity to having stopped smoking is that I no longer enjoy coffee.... THAT is weird!!




Yes, I TOO enjoy good Mexican food but without the music! LOL

Hope the apartment comes through for you!