Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"My Life"...The Musical...

Or am I starring in a one woman comedy act? It's really hard to tell these days...I only hope SOMEONE is reaping the entertainment value from my series of lifetime drama events.

Cutting directly to the chase...I'm BACK on a course of IV steroids today for the next 5 days. Yep...I'm "inflamed". I've always been "inflammatory", but it seems the MS bug has bitten my butt again and will not be ignored.

Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named graciously squeezed me in on her schedule today at the last moment and I agreed to see her...I think she KNEW at that moment when I said "yes" to coming in, something was definitely wrong. I usually just prefer she play a doctor on the "Innernet" and I pretend to be a patient via virtual reality. LOL

The office visit was most alarming and disarming...I didn't even have the strength to spar or fight and the fine doctor was waaaaaaay too nice and concerned. She was quite calm (not the usual flightful gnat buzzing around), sincere, and well...just too dayumed nice for my comfort! When she told me (in all sincerity), "You're really sick", I almost burst into tears. The nerves don't lie and all her pounding, "follow my finger", gait demonstrations, push/pull exams confirmed what I have been feeling for some time now...sick...relapse...inflamed.

I am completely exhausted...fried...worn out from all the singing and dancing I have been doing trying to keep up with my one woman musical/comedy act/show.

It's intermission time...go get a beverage and some popcorn. I'm going to go do a costume change and get ready for the second act...LOL...


Sara said...

chin up dearie, at least your flatmates aren't stomping around on your ceiling!! (see there is a silver lining to everything)

Peej said...

geez... you went willingly to the doctor? Now I'm concerned!

Hope you're better soon!!


mdmhvonpa said...

You are on the cutting edge ... remote diagnosis. Next thing you'll tell us is that Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named is actually an android with a medical AI system loaded.



True...and I DID respond on your blog about a solution to the problem!




Yep...be afraid...be very afraid!




Leave it to a genius mastermind such as yourself to uncover the REAL secret behind Dr. SWWNBN!!!


Have myelin? said...

Well. I can't think of anything amusing to say but I want to.

Hmm. Ahh..

Hell, hugs.