Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Low Down & Dirty...

As life continues to happen around me whether I choose to participate or not, I have left several topics/post unanswered here on CHEESE of late...humble apologies are offered (again) and scheduled virtual public caning is to commence as soon as the webcam is installed (MDMHVONPA...Leave it! I know where your mind goes when left free reign!...LOL).

I very much appreciate all y'all who have taken YOUR time to leave comments here, IM me, or send personal emails and/or suggestions on various topics I have managed to pull from thin air (or graphically out of my arse!) to enlighten and entertain you. Having an extremely loosely associated mind is a wonderful tool to pull upon psychotic ramblings.


THE P.O.D. No UTI, she's just brilliant...or highly deviant, which I suspect is more likely the source of her urination in the tub drain that I observed last week. Consultation with various "catologists", psychics, and veterinarian personnel reveal a kitty with a feline personality disorder. She is currently attempting to steal my identity, have me offed, and assume my life...because she BELIEVES she is human. Frankly, I am starting to believe this notion myself! LOL And I, alas, am becoming more cat-like...choosing to lie around in the sun napping and shirking all responsibilities for hours at a time.

THE S.L.U.T: Didn't get "all aboard"...illness knocked and the SLUT passed me by. Oh, I WILL ride 'er...soon. And yes, she IS still acronym-ed as previously stated: South Lake Union Trolley!

GRACE & SNOW: Odd late night ramblings of which I have no deep explanation appear to have stirred many of you into a state of introspect. Ah...this is good, Little Grassha-paws! Now if I could only figure out what the hell I was talking about we'd ALL be on the same page! LOL

THE JOB: As is typical, I can disclose little, but feel a great deal. Scary times and trying times...changes, scrutiny, challenges, and defeats magnified by the shadow of MS. I AM still being paid, which is a good thing. I will know more after a private consultation with a Vocational Rehab Specialist at the University of Washington. But even THIS has been placed on hold as, per the words of Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named, "You are too sick to have that done right now. Let's hold off until you are more stable again." Not the most encouraging of words.

MY MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Simply put...still a bitch. I am in mid relapse and two weeks away from my fourth Novantrone dose. IV steroids commence again today for the next FIVE days, followed by the dreaded Prednisone taper. Discouraging, but not hopeless...curbing my obsessive worry-wart tendencies the best I can.

NARCOMS: Got the email from ''s time to complete that fall survey! If you're a registered user, don't forget North American Research Committee on MS.

FALL: Definitely blowing into the Pacific Northwest...let the rains begin again until sometime in June 2008...when we can all dry out again for our 3 month summer reprieve. LOL

MY FELLOW BLOGGERS: (and no, there are no direct links under the blue names cuz I'm too lazy to link 'em!) Lot's of good stuff being written around the globe. MDMHVONPA continues to entertain with statements pertaining to "putting lipstick on a pig". MERELYME delights us with her explorations about life. BUBBIE feeds my soul with Salsa recipes made in the nude. SARA keeps me posted on the "haps" in the UK. ZEE would most likely appreciate continued shoulders re: men dilemma's...and maybe some bread-baking recipes! SHERRY reminds me the Internet is NOT necessarily "user friendly" to someone who is deaf...**slapping head with a stupid "doh" here for posting a video link without captions** STEVE continues to "grapple" with BJJ, while the other STEVE (One Life) grapples with MS. Joan is back to school...congrats! Pb continues to delight me with life stories from across the "big pond" (And BTW...I have a personal note to share with you from Dr. SWWNBN regarding your comment weeks ago suggesting she fry her own damn chicken! Oddly, she read this!) MISS CHRIS is doing battles with spiders, heat, skating rinks, and dust storms...and probably returning to practice of her Arabic as well. SUZY is back or at least posted a blog...finally. She's needing our support and well-wishes right now. FUNKY MANGO tells us every week ten new things I did NOT know before reading her posts...and a few things I have remained peacefully in the dark about as well! LOL SHARON appears to have recovered from her undiagnosed head pains and has returned to the blogging fold. HARKOO although not a blogger (yet), continues to offer me sideline support via wonderful emails and insights as well as who I believe may have the longest running time of reading CHEESE amongst the masses...yes, MS IS affecting her judgment! LOL PEEJ could use some "HOO YA" support during a difficult family illness time. And the REST OF Y'ALL...well, I'm just tiring myself and running out of oxygen to sustain life at my computer to reference more. Until next time...


Peej said...

I hope you were breathing thru all that. I'd hate to think you ran out of air because you were a dork. lol!!

Y'know... your Puddy Tat being healthy is a good thing! Maybe she goes in the drain so she won't have to squat over sand/clay/pine all the time. I can never seem to pee in the woods - can you? Ya.. I know... but it's GOT to be similar, wouldn't you think? lol!

Sorry to hear you're in yet another relapse. One thing this will tell you is you're not secondary progressive. The only silver lining I can think of for your current situation -- sorry.


Sara said...

sorry to hear you missed the S.L.U.T, can't wait to hear about it when you do get round to it!

hope you're feelin a bit better today, happy wednesday my dear from not so sunny, but not pouring rain at the mo London town :)

mdmhvonpa said...

Wow ... ummm, I did not make it too far into the posting ... I remember the big brew-ha-ha over the video that the photo you posted came from. Video, caning, mud wrestling, SLUTs, urination ... just, wow. Your blog has been hijacked by Larry Flint!

Zee said...

"IV steroids commence again today for the next FIVE days, followed by the dreaded Prednisone taper."

Can you skip the Prednisone taper? My neuro told me that he rarely prescribes a Prednisone taper anymore since that stuff is so awful. The resulting steroid crash sucks (I end up with bone-crushing fatigue, usually), but it's only 3 days of sucking instead of 6 weeks of misery with bloating, acne and immune system degradation.

Just a thought - might be worth discussing w/ your neuro? I won't ever go on Prednisone again if I can help it. That stuff is terrible

Bubbie said...

Thanks for the update Ms.Cheese.
Sorry to hear that you need yet another round-o-roids. Rest, and be good to yourself. Profundities, a ride on the SLUT and analysing the feline genius can wait while you wage war against the invading macrophages. Get naked and make some Salsa!

Miss Chris said...

I'm glad to hear your kitty cat doesn't have a UTI. Although I just got over one.UGH! That's what happens when you don't drink nearly enough water...I'm lucky I don't have kidney stones! Now if you can just teach that cat to use the potty...



True...spoken like an MSer with that "other" diagnosis. It sucks to be us, doesn't it?!? LOL




I rely upon your for all of my overseas weather reports, news, etc. You keep me informed and always looking around the globe! Thanks...




Or my blog has been hijacked by Paris Hilton...either way, it's all down hill from here! LOL




Thanks for the tip...unfortunately, I've tried no Prednisone before and ended up in the ER. I get a nasty case of what is called "steroid withdrawal syndrome"...vomiting, diarrhea, malaise, cardiac symptoms. It's just not pretty. LOL Of course, neither is steroid mania, but I digress...

How's the bread making going?




You just thoroughly ENJOY egging me on, don't you?!? LMAO




Oh my! Sorry to hear about YOUR bladder issues...Maybe YOU should try peeing in the tub drain to resolve the matter? NO? That's the extent of my medical knowledge here...LOL


Sara said...

was just reading an article for work & they were mentioning rituximab reduces B & T cells in cerebrospinal fluid of MS patients (Cross et al, J Neuroimmunol, 2006) and I thought of you, but then noticed on your side bar that you were in a study in 05-06, so you probably already knew about that, since I haven't read the article and see you're not still on it, I'm guessing it didn't work as they had hoped.



Yep, been there, done that...double-blinded study in 2005. Pretty sure I got the medication because I developed horrific gastritis and severe hypertension for over 8 months. Oh, and my MS lesion load INCREASED dramatically.

But, as always, I appreciate YOUR scientific eye keeping us all alerted to these issues!