Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do YOU See Anything There?...Yeah, Me Neither...

I have "Left" when it comes to my home-grown version of MS...generally and most often, anything that's going to happen occurs on the left side of my body. I call it "Left" when people ask me what is wrong. "I have Left," I will say as I walk or limp away from their inquisitive looks.

But the picture above is of my RIGHT forearm! I have noticed for about a week now I have a burning sensation on the outer portion of my right forearm, most noticeable when I am resting my arm with my right-clicking mouse hand at the computer. I find myself frequently picking up my arm off the desk at home or at work to examine what NEW FRESH HELL IS OCCURRING ON MY ARM! I keep thinking some weird blister or rash will somehow magically appear there to explain the sensation, but so far, nada...nothing...just my fat forearm and some left over bruising from IV's.

It's not that the sensation "hurts"'s just there...and it is puzzling. I'm just not used to having symptoms of ANYTHING on my RIGHT side...this side is my perfect side...the side that "works", rain or shine. The side of my body that compensates for "Left", the evil step child. (Now mind you, I AM severely left-handed, so my "Left" Disease can be a real problem.)

I'm hoping this minor issue of "Right" is transient and will pass blows my entire comic schtick regarding my "Left" also makes me a bit pensive my MS doesn't have enough to do on my left side these days. As with anything and MS, time will tell.

I go in today for my Vocational Rehab assessment...I'm kind of hoping on some level "they" suggest I get a new job. Something I can do lying down in the comfort of my own home...suppose anyone would pay me just to sleep?!?...there's always hope...


Miss Chris said...

I have "left" too! I rarely, if ever, get anything on my right side. And if you find someone to pay you to sleep, tell me where I can sign up!

pb said...

Nope. Don't see anything.

We know better than to look for visible symptoms, though.

Looks like the usual stuff to me. I know it's time to slow down when things start happening on my right side, too.

Get help and get better, soon.

mdmhvonpa said...

"WHAT NEW FRESH HELL" ... Durn it, I've been itching to use that phrase of late and you beat me to it. I'll go ahead and use it anyways though. Nutz.

Oh, sorry 'bout your arm and all.

Have myelin? said...

I have left too. Did you decide to copy my symptom? Copycat symptom? My left AND right hand/arms look FINE. They look like arms. But they don't act like arms. Amazingly enough, my fingers are FINE.

But what the frak is up with arms/hands? Everyone seems to be having an issue with them.

Shall we blame CHINA?

Diane J Standiford said...

Also, not everything is MS. Don't worry too much about it yet. Well, I mean it could be a staph infection with no antibotic to cure it. There, doesn't that feel better? My magic 8 ball says, "This too shall pass."
(or was it from that fortune cookie I ate last night...?)
Can you take aspirin? A wonder drug for billions.

Zee said...

I also have "Left"! (Although, at the height of my relapse last June the right side of my body did eventually join the party.) But generally, all my symptoms are on the left side.... How strange. Wonder why that is?

Bubbie said...

I feel "left" out. arg arg
I'm right! me! I've never been to the right of anything.
I have had the "fresh hell" burning you described though. Feels like a hot knife cutting up the side of my forearm, my "right" forearm I should clarify. When that starts up, the area is supersensitive to the slightest touch. Water in the shower, a shirt sleeve, the sheets or even a slight breeze feels like it's touching raw nerves. I haven't had that particular annoyance lately. The same feeling has found more of a permanent residence down the left side of my rib cage.Time again to burn the bras.