Monday, March 26, 2007

Rocket Science Strikes Again...

It's official...Anna Nicole Smith died from an accidental, polydrug overdose. I NEVER would have guessed that in a million years.


For the love of God, I am sick of hearing about this poor woman's life! I would be curious to know how many thousands of dollars it has taken to determine that she DIED FROM A PRESCRIPTIVE DRUG OVERDOSE. If only "they" would have called ME, I could have saved people a hella load of money on that final report...and I am neither a pathologist nor a rocket scientist. LOL

It amazes me the stories that "entertain" us (focusing mostly on American culture now) these days...dramatic, bizarre, freak-show-type tales of other people's lives. I guess this is why reality TV is sooo popular in our culture, too. Our OWN lives have become so mundane and boring, we must rely on the tragedies of others (and I'm sorry, but every contestant on any reality TV show is a "tragedy"!) to entertain us or feel better about ourselves in some sick sort of way.

For instance, we now have TV shows about midgets, obese people trying to lose weight for money, celebrities trying to lose weight for money, kids singing with the dream to become an "American Idol" but usually ending up humiliated on national television, stupid women trying to win the "love" of a bachelor for cash, and the list goes on and on.

Let's face it folks...we are ALL fat, stupid, ugly, untalented, graceless, irritating slobs to some degree if that's what we choose to see in other people around us. We will never be any more than what we choose to believe is REALITY about our neighbor.

Maybe that's why so many of "us" are killing ourselves these days from "accidental drug overdoses"...just a thought...


Have myelin? said...

Why, I don't think we've heard enough! LOL! I did hear a blurb about Iran somewhere in the din.

Jami said...

Hi Braincheese,
I've been reading your post for about a year now, but I've never commented, because it was too difficult over at aol. Thanks for coming to the dark side.

I enjoy your writing a ton. I found out I had MS about a year ago, and your posts have really helped me. Thanks for writing.
Jami in AZ


Have Myelin:

Hey, aren't you a frequent flyer over at MDMHVONPA's place?!? I guess he's either dropped off the face of the earth or been promoted at work!

At any rate, it's great to see you commenting here as well...personally, I think the Anna Nicole coverage is a government cover up to keep us all from the REAL the truth about Paula Abdul on American Idol, etc. LOL

Linda D.



I think I've seen you commenting over at HealthTalk? At first, I thought "Jaime" (My MS Journal) had misspelled her own name!

Yes, I think I will be much happier here on the "dark side" as well. Although AOHELL was a great source of creative angst for me! LOL

Sorry to hear you are part of the "club"...of MS, that is. Not much else one can say about that. Except now you can use it as an excuse to get out of just about anything...there ARE perks! LOL Hang in there (like you have any other choice, right?!?)

Linda D.

Miss Chris said...

If I hear one more "news" story about Anna Nicole Smith, I think I'll hurl. Oh wait...I did that yesterday.



Sorry, I couldn't hear your message...I was in the bathroom puking...LOL

Linda D.