Sunday, March 25, 2007

EASTER EGG #1...I Once Peed With Barbara Jordan...

I warned you I would be posting some mind-numbing, extremely trivial and irrelevant "Easter Egg" posts here on Blogspot! Stuff you just won't find on the old AOL site! LOL So, I'm glad you've finally decided to roll over to the dark side and join Brain-Cheese over here...

It is true...I have had my fair share of "brushes" with celebrities and the late Ms. Barbara Jordan was one of them. For those of you too young to remember, Ms. Jordan was the first black woman to be elected and serve in the United States House of Representatives in 1972. She also later revealed that she had been suffering from symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis since 1973 and passed away in 1996.

Ms. Jordan was a powerful and outspoken speaker...she had a voice so distinguishable, much like that of Maya Angelou...deep and rumbling with respect. Having lived in Houston, Texas, where Ms. Jordan was born, I had an admiring respect for this wonderful woman.

In the mid 90's, I was on my way into the Meyerland Plaza theater (most likely to see a Wayne's World movie or some other extremely serious piece of theatrical work!), when I decided it was best to empty the ol' bladder before seating myself for two hours of gut-grabbing laughter. I happened into the theater ladies' room and grabbed the first available stall to...well...urinate. And this is when I heard it...the undeniable voice of Barbara Jordan booming from the next stall! Yes, Ms. Jordan was also in the theater that night (I'm sure to see something other than Wayne's World, however!).

I became so excited upon hearing her voice, I nearly fell off my toilet seat...then, I listened like a spy with a glass to the wall, to note any signs Ms. Jordan might be leaving her stall at the same time as I. I had not, after all, ever MET her in person and felt it would be a great honor for me (and perhaps even a great embarrassment, but I didn't care in the moment!). Carpe Diem! Seize the day...or the moment, if was all I had. I was determined to say "hello" to Ms. Barbara Jordan in person!!

I heard her call to her attendant (which I later learned was most likely her life partner) that she was "ready" and I heard someone bringing a wheel chair close to our adjoining stalls (Ms. Jordan was, at this time in her life, reliant upon a wheel chair because Multiple Sclerosis had robbed her of her mobility)...there was little chatter through my thin, steel wall and I knew it was time to spring into action...or at the very least, finish my "private business", wash my hands, and wait for my opportunity to say hello (which could now be classified as a felony stalking charge).

I puttered at my sink, pissing off other women who were waiting to wash their hands, until finally Ms. Barbara Jordan emerged from her lair. I was nearly speechless, but I managed to attempt to be somewhat nonchalant as I turned to take in my heroine's glory...her "attendant" was just about to wheel her to the sinks.

I casually walked up to Ms. Jordan, pretended to appear "surprised", and said calmly, "Ms. Jordan. It's so good to see you."

The regal Ms. Barbara Jordan peered at me as if looking at an exotic animal at the zoo for the first time, furrowed her quizzical brow, and said, "Hello?", as if questioning if she should speak at all or simply try to ignore the crazy white girl in front of her!

It didn't matter to me that this highly acclaimed ex-House Representative from the fine state of Texas quickly had her "attendant" wheel her out of the bathroom most likely to escape me...I HAD seized the day! I had MET Ms. Barbara Jordan...and...something I believe few could claim...I had PEED with her, too!


Marie said...

Carpe Diem! Thanks for sharing!



Perhaps that should really be "Seizure the Day"! Which is a bit more accurate than Carpe Diem, for what I write here...

Thanks for coming over to the dark side at Blogspot...I look forward to seeing you here.

Linda D.