Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Easter Egg #2...There To The Left!...

As promised, Easter Egg #2...a little diddy by a local gal here in Seattle! I'll leave EE#2 over there for a week, then I'll take 'er down...but hey, BrainCheese on AOL doesn't have this song...LOL

Just double click on the title song below the player...and you may want to cover your children's ears or, at the very least, remove anyone from the room who has no tolerance for the politically incorrect!


mdmhvonpa said...

Ok, ok ... every one settle down. I've arrived.


I mean was like waiting around for the Artist Formerly Known As Prince to show up on stage. Just glad to see you are still able to type and don't have to do so by blowing in a straw...(because things could be MUCH worse!)

Linda D. in Seattle

Miss Chris said...

Soooo glad you're now over here at Blogger.



Me, too! I'm still trying to find my way around Blogspot, but so far, I'm relatively happy here. Just not so sure the loyal AOL-ers will convert to the dark side! LOL

Linda D.