Friday, March 30, 2007

I Broke It...

It happened so quickly...we were demonstrating a self-defense technique to the class and I was on the floor. "T", my partner in training crime, was holding the kick bag and pretending to be my attacker...I was "pretending" to be a victim on the ground, about to be assaulted with a knife. We had done this maneuver before together...we were the "trainers", not the trainees after all...skilled and aware of the safety issues of the class.

I gave a solid blow to her knee in the direction of the kick bag (with my allegedly weak leg) and that's when it happened. My foot slipped up under the kick bag and connected with "T's" knee, nearly buckling the leg.

There wasn't any swelling initially..."T" remained a trooper and returned later in the day to instruct ANOTHER 4 hour session with our coworkers...but the "knee" was very sore. I hung my head, feeling like an idiot who had just sternly instructed my coworkers (the trainees) on the issues of SAFETY while in the course, the need for careful attention to detail, and to NOT injure one another.

"T" called me today while I was in a 9 hour Union meeting. There's a crack in her bone...not fractured through, but cracked. She can't walk on the leg and the doctor has instructed her to stay off of it to give it time to "heal".

She tells me, "Well, that technique really works cuz this is proof. I'm supposed to stay off my leg and it should heal just fine."

Unfortunately, while she's going home to heal, I feel like a heel...


T$ said...

Chalk it up to another "T" story. Can't go to long without one! You are my #1 dawg!



Chalk it up to another PAINFUL AND EXPENSIVE T story!

I am soooo sorry...


Anonymous said...

There's something seductive about being on the floor kicking up. I felt the magic happen myself. Sorry about T, though, but maybe workman's comp? L&I? Something good has to come from it. R.


R (or ROJOO?):

Seductive or Sadistic? Hard sometimes to separate the two! Good news is lil' T$ is popping up like a rock star and walking a bit today...I'm keeping my eye on her.

Linda D.

Suzy said...

Sure was nice hearing your voice today...sorry I was such a downer. I guess I must not be on enough uppers to work out these kinks I'm having. Speaking of kinks...we're not going out tonight. LOL Guess I'll hafta think of some other way...was that TMI for ya? =)

Love the new look! And the song ROCKS!



It's ALWAYS good to hear your voice! And the Memaw stories...or are they really "chronicals"??

Be sure and play her that song and if I ever catch her on the phone, I'll ask when she's got that gallbladder surgery scheduled! LOL