Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Hear You Knockin', But You Can't Come In...

Who sang that song anyway? The title of this post, that is? I can only assume it was some strong-willed person with an investment to keep "something" out...LOL I have adopted that song as my theme for this week...that's right...I hear YOU (MS) knocking, but you can't come in!

It started as just a few pebbles being thrown at my windows...MS tossed me a bit of fatigue and some calf stiffness/spasticity a week or so ago. When I didn't throw open my shades and peek out at it, MS decided to become a bit more "persistent" in gaining my attention...this past week my dear friend upped the anti on the fatigue in an exhausting attempt to gain notice. But still, I paid it no mind.

Over this past weekend, my lifetime buddy has been screaming that famous quote from the movie "Fatal Attraction"...you know the one...where the lovely (but a bit deranged) Glenn Close yells at Michael Douglas, "I will NOT be ignored!" MS began raising a bit more ruckus outside my door...I plugged my ears and did the ol' "La la la la" thing. LOL

By Sunday evening, there came sounds of frantic thunder pounding by my MS friend...shock waves of electricity bolting down my arms if I moved my head/neck in a certain way (what I can only imagine is L'Hermitte's Sign)...actually, I find this phenomenon kind of "cool" in a sick and twisted sort of way!

And finally today, the grand finale'...pain in my left arm radiating into my hand.

"OK, OK!", I'm yelling. "I HEAR you. But I'm not letting you in. Just slip a note under the door and I'll get back to you."

**Note to self: If this little coup works, I'll try this tactic on door to door proselytizers and sales people.**

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