Sunday, January 27, 2008

Toxic Fumes Can Cause Drain Bamage...

I feel like I have been sucking on a car exhaust tailpipe or huffing a can of paint thinner. But instead, I have merely been painting my hallway woodwork and doors with a fuming, oil-based primer! And to think there are people out there that actually DO buy this stuff to get high?!? If you listen closely, I'm sure you can hear the faint sound of my brain cells popping in traumatic death...

I know, I know...what WAS I thinking to begin a painting project at the coldest time of the year in Seattle with little hope of leaving doors or windows open for proper ventilation? Well, it's simple...and I WAS thinking (just not so clearly NOW on my brain damaged high). I was thinking that I have been feeling so good, I needed to take advantage of my "flight into wellness" and get some projects done around here that require more than one or two days of constant painting...with toxic fumes. LOL

I know I am singing to the choir here amongst MSers when I say it's important to take advantage of the *feel good* times because one never knows what lovely MS symptom might greet them in the morning. Perhaps tomorrow, I might wake up with numbness (although given the "drugged" state of my brain right now from fumes, I doubt I would notice!), or weakness, or pain, or...the list can be endless, and the unknowns? Well, they remain unknown...hence the name.

I DO tend to over do it when I am feeling good...just read back through this monotonous blog and you'll see where I've leaped into wellness, only to crash awkwardly to the floor. But still I leap...with a tiny hitch in my git along. And I have a list as long as my left leg of projects I need to complete around the hut...yesterday and today was painting.

My father (otherwise known and referred to as "EP", which is what I actually CALLED him throughout my childhood...pronounced as one word, EEEP), was an interior/exterior painter...the fumes of gasoline, paint thinner, and TOXIC PAINT simply remind me of growing up. I worked for him every summer, holiday break, and sometimes weekends from the time I was 9 years old. He ran a "family" business, first out of our garage, then later out of a small store-front shop...and "family business" to him meant family LABOR. I learned to paint at a very young age and later became a skilled laborer, doing fine, precision work after EP lost his ability to see up close. Painting for me is no different than dusting or vacuuming. But you think I WOULD have learned NOT to paint in small quarters with TOXIC CHEMICALS now, wouldn't you?!? I'm cracking myself up right now with the notion, but I'm not sure if it is a laughter induced from being "high" or just pure laughter...guess it doesn't matter much now.

POP...oops, there goes another brain cell biting the dust. I wonder if THAT will show up on my next MRI? I'm pretty sure SOMETHING should show up on a urine toxicology screen right about now!...


Diane J Standiford said...

Wow, this reminds me of many days spent painting with my Aunt Vi, when I was under 5. And her longtime companion, Ivah, loved to breathe deeply at gas pumps during my youth in the 1960s. I was encouraged to join her. Ugh. No wonder my brain has shrunk.

pb said...

For heaven's sake girl, get yourself a respirator mask. There are some that cost only a few bucks, for crying out loud.

And don't even think about refinishing wood furniture until the spring. I actually tried that a few decades ago, and triggered many months of bronchitis and pneumonia.

Wear the mask, and run the exhaust fan in the kitchen and/or bath. Works for me these days.


Run - don't walk!!
wait that's walk - don't run
to the nearest cracked window
to crack the window
to break open the window
[let's try that again]
to open the window a crack and let some air in

breathe girl breathe

I think I just popped a few brain cells just trying to get that out (hehe)

Callie said...

Tag, You're IT! I'm officially tagging you for a game of "meme".

"The rules of the game are this–Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.Post the rules on your blog.Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.Tag 7 people and link to them.Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged."

Now, I have just been tagged 3 times at my MidWestHorse Blog, so I thought I would pass this along to the MSers. It's alot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, another Meme. Please remember to skip me!

I know the feeling of energy and wanting to get as much stuff done as possible before I poop out. And yes, the next day I am always crippled up to where I can't do anything but get up to go to the bathroom.

Take care, girlfriend. If the fumes don't get you, the exercise will, as you well know.

At least you can get a fan blowing toward a window, can't ya? LOL



I often wonder if my exposure to toxic chemicals as a kid "promoted" my MS...then again, it could just be "toxic genetics", too. LOL




And you wondered what the "D" on "LD" stood for? D-UMB, pure DUMB!!! Although, now I'm rather used to the scent and I'm considering priming under my underarms instead of deodorant! (It DOES seal in smells after all)




Huh, said "crack"...huh, huh.

Oops! I must still be high on fumes...Beavis and Butthead are infiltrating my brain!!!




Oops! I already DID this meme a few months ago ( ) and I'm afraid if I did it again, I'd lose all TWO of the people who read this crap! So little is "random" about me anyway...perhaps bizarre, but rarely random. LOL




Had the fans going in two rooms, the exhaust in the bathroom whirring, AND the front screen door open...let me tell you, Kilz Primer is the bomb! Literally...afraid to light a match for fear of an explosion!!


Blinders Off said...

Those feel good moments have us thinking we are invincible and the side effect is less common sense :)

Been there and done some outrageous things during feel good moments.



Do TELL about those "outrageous things"??? Then I won't have to feel so alone...LOL