Friday, January 04, 2008

Fierce Winds And Furballs...

Yep, another windstorm is blowing through Puget Sound...just in time for the Seahawks first playoff game tomorrow at 1:30PM. I guess we will at least have SOMETHING to blame it on if we lose to the Redskins.

I'm walking around the hut carrying a heavy Mag flashlight...just in case. Nothing worse than being caught in the dark and unable to stumble my way to the cabinet where I usually store the darned thing. I know I'm only tempting the gods by sitting here with my computer blazing into the night...about the time I end this post, I imagine the lights will just go out...before I have time to PUBLISH it to Blogger!

Not much happening in my world today...I continue to recover from my Novantrone infusion one week ago. Mostly recovery at this juncture is really SLEEPING a lot...and for someone who is not accustomed to taking naps, I feel like sleeping is all I am getting done during even the daylight hours. That, and huffing and puffing with the slightest exertion...another short-lived side effect of Novantrone. I have rationalized in my "scientific mind" that this is due to having less blood cells circulating around my body (Novantrone lowers all the blood counts), and therefore, not having enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to my nether regions...either that or, I'm simply fat and old. ;)

The P.O.D. (Princess O' Darkness), aka, my cat, took ill this evening and proceeded to hurl up everything she has ever eaten in her two, short years of life...actually, I think it was just her supper, but it seemed like BUCKETS. She's resting quietly right now on the couch and appears to be returning to her usual varmint self, chasing my feet and attempting to make me tumble. I'll have to monitor her for more signs of illness, but I suspect she just ate too much too fast tonight.

And speaking of eating too much too fast...I'm NOT! My water fast I did on Sunday/Monday jump started me onto a path of "mindful eating". I have been carefully paying attention to my intake and WHAT I am taking in for the past 5 days...and I'm gleeful to report, I have lost 7 pounds. I suppose it helps to be SLEEPING most of a 24 hour period, but I say, "WHATEVER WORKS"! The real test of trial will be when I return to work on Monday...back to a chaotic schedule with no naps...sigh.

I do believe the change in my intake/what I am taking in may also be relieving some of my muscular pain issues as even this has lessened...or literally NO STRESS and SLEEPING a lot has. Hard to tell which is the culprit of relief. I don't really care that much...I'm just glad I am able to lay down without feeling contorted again...or like the band around my torso is going to squeeze my guts out. Not a pleasant feeling to say the least.

If the wind doesn't blow Dorothy's Hut away tonight, I'll be sure and post something tomorrow about the Seahawks game...THAT should be almost as riveting as my cat throwing up...or the New Hampshire primary!...


Merelyme said...

my cat hacks all over the place too. you lost seven pounds! WOW! that is something! many kudos to you.

Blinders Off said...

Congratulations on the seven pound lost.

P.O.D now that is a name...I remember once when Shelly Brown (my husband's dog) became ill. He insisted I take her to the vet. $250.00 for a 4oz bottle of doggie peptol-bismol, hell I could have had a field day shopping with that money.

Diane J Standiford said...

Wow, 7lbs., I think I'll try it. It is hard living above a bakery. I do love water. Way to go!



Why thank you (I say blushing with still far too chubby cheeks)!



BLINDERS OFF: kidding! Those vet bills are more than I would shell out of pocket for my OWN health. But I have insurance, so I don't shell out that much. I think it's time the POD gets a job so she can sign up for her OWN insurance!




OMG...I think if I lived above a bakery, I'd be really really poor...and fatter! Bread, pasta, potatoes are my HUGE draw. Can do without candy, but try taking away my starches, and I'm likely to draw a weapon.