Saturday, January 12, 2008

So Busy I Misplaced My Cat...

Can YOU spot the cat in the photo? Yeah, probably you's only ME who has been so busy I almost threw her out with the trash!

I've been running like a hamster on a wheel this past week with a hella hectic far, I've managed to WORK 6 days in a row and I have two more to pack in under my belt before I will be able to collapse on a day off. And just to add insult to injury, I am in my every-seven-week-rotation of DAY SHIFTS! Anybody who knows me at ALL, understands how I feel about getting up to greet Dawn's ugly crack and going to work...sigh...

I truly hate it when work interferes with my life. After all, I AM working on my disability, too, and I resent work interfering with that. LOL Fortunately, my "disability" is in check right now for the most part...I am two weeks out from my Novantrone infusion and I am starting to get the "burst" I usually get...something I call my "Flight Into Wellness". I get about 8-10 weeks post Novantrone where I feel what I like to call *normal* pain is lessened, my limbs seem to cooperate with my brain, I have more energy, my muscles in my lower legs seem to let go of their tight grip on my bones, my left side has a sensation of feeling stronger, and I generally have a better outlook on life with MS. The drug appears to be cooperating with me quite well.

I am still committed to my beginning of the year intake plan...I have been limiting my caloric intake as well as trying to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day when I can. Another MAJOR downer of working the dayshift is, I get up when it's dark, I work for 9 1/2 - 10 hours, I sneak in a half hour to an hour of exercise, and I return home to GET READY FOR WORK AGAIN! I really don't know how or why anyone would WANT to work the majority of their hours during the day...but I guess there is that benefit of spending time with your children, having a social life, etc (really NOT worth it to me since I HAVE no children or "social life").

I have been coming home from the county gym after a looooong day exhausted, hungry, dealing with a needy cat, and falling into bed to try to recover...consequently, I have NOT been lending my share of attention to my favorite blogs OR jotting anything down here. I hope y'all can forgive me? I am gritting and grinding my teeth just to get through what I am REQUIRED to do right now, but I have missed my leisurely reading of your blogs.

After Monday, life *should* return to a more copacetic pace and I will get back to the things I enjoy...either that or, I will simply die at my desk and no one at work will notice until I begin to smell. Of course, some of my coworkers ALREADY think I smell, so it might be a very long, long time before I am discovered without a pulse...


Diane J Standiford said...

Aquafina is just tap water. (And I will never stop hearing about it, since I paid good money to drink it every day.) POD is telling you she is thirsty---check her water jug. No worries, I will send Gregoire to get you if you don't blog by...Weds.

Anne said...

I still can't get over the fact that you are working six days in a row??!?!!! And you have MS???!!

More power to you. Glad the meds are working out for you. I hope you get a few days in a row off soon to refuel.

Keep on keeping on,

Sara said...

hysterical & to be honest I didn't see the cat at first either, maybe it's my old age kicking in ;)



NOOOO!!! Not Christine!!!! Send Ronnie Simms instead (like HE even knows what I do for the County...LOL)




Thanks...nothing like a day or two away from the stress to recharge the ol' batteries. Problem is, those "days away" are seeming shorter and shorter. Did somebody speed up the rotation of the sun and not tell me?!?




Oh my! If you are thinking you suffer from old age, I must be practically DEAD!!!